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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: NYC

New York is brimming with creativity and uniqueness. There’s a reason people jam into our streets and shops from all over the world to do their holiday shopping. We’ve got the best of the best right outside, which is why we have so much fun putting together our city gift guides for all of the cool friends in your life. Whether you’re looking for an experiential gift for your local galpal, or a themed gift for your New York aficionado, we’ve got your back with the gifts below!

GIftGuide_NYC (1)

Clean Bitches

Laundry is nobody’s friend in New York. Whether you travel to the depths of despair of your apartment basements to fight for the industrial machines, or you pay an arm and a leg to get all of your socks lost by a professional, it ain’t fun. Luckily, there’s a hassle-free option in town called Cleanly, a hassle-free service with door-to-door service, which is the perfect gift for your busy NYC friend. Use code “cleanbitches” at checkout for $10 off your first order!

Spa Day

Shibui Spa at the Greenwich Hotel

Earlier this year, we got to experience a seasonal soak and specialty massage at Shibui Spa at the Greenwich Hotel, and it was life-saving. We started our day with complimentary yoga, and finished with a swim in the gorgeous indoor pool. If you want to gift something truly special, book a service here for the holidays.

Custom Mascara

We’re always fluctuating between different brands of mediocre mascara, which is why we jumped for joy when we discovered there was a service in the city that designed custom mascara just for you. Eyeoko has a bar at Bloomingdale’s dedicated to bespoke mascara, which is a fun experiential gift for you and a gal pal.

DIY from Dean & Deluca

Dean & Deluca has been a local food purveyor since 1977, and it’s a brand New Yorkers know and love. For some great food gifts that represent some of the best of our fine city, check out items like TWG’s New York Breakfast teas ($34), Eleni’s New York themed cookies (18 for $75), local pickles from Brooklyn Brine Company ($14), and frozen pizza from the super famous Roberta’s ($39, set of 2). We are big fans of putting together a gift that takes time and thought, and Dean & Deluca is your one-stop shop for those fancy city exclusives.

Maman Marche

ceramic mug1.jpg

You all know how much we love Maman (read our review here), so you can imagine how thrilled we were to discover they had launched their e-commerce store for us to finally buy the ceramics and table goods we’d been drooling over all meal! From their ridiculously good chocolate chip cookies, to their ceramic mugs to go, their online market is as well-curated as their cafes.

Organic Nails

It’s nice to go into a salon that doesn’t reek of chemicals or leave you wanting to take a shower. Strange pedicure gel, be gone! Check out Tenoverten for the best non-toxic nail care gift in the city.  The aesthetically-pleasing salon just feels fancier, and the harmless products only add to this treat of a gift.

A Meal Plan for a Queen

Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to sample the plant-based Sakara Life meal plan, and we can’t say better things about our experience. We started each day with delicious granola and freshly made almond milk that is still my favorite breakfast choice to date, and had hearty prepared meals throughout the day to keep us full and happy. This is a great gift for your health-conscious or vegan friend who struggles to find the time to make her own almond milk (ain’t nobody got time for that!). Prices vary

Fancy Robes for a Fancy Year

Also thanks to the Greenwich Hotel, we discovered these l’aviva home kimonos this year, and we’ve never looked back. There’s no reason your special someone should be restricted to only looking like a VIP on her spa days, which is why we couldn’t resist buying one after our services. The fit is perfect and the patterns are beautiful. From $225

Puppy Party

Enough said. Surprise your special someone with a puppy party, because there’s nothing quite like holiday cheer in the form of adorable, squirming puppies! This is a real thing, and it might just be our favorite gift of 2016. From $176

Baths for the Bitches

Sometimes, hanging out of your unsatisfying city bathtub just doesn’t cut it. Why is why we often find ourselves at Tribeca Aires Baths, fluctuating from cold plunge to candlelit hot pool on those cold winter days. The price tag is worth the pleasure of space to swim around with friends, and the optional massage services don’t hurt!

Local Brews

Ditch the pumpkin spice lattes…upgrade your seasonal pumpkin game with homemade pumpkin beers. Brooklyn Brew Shop’s reusable Pumpkin Beer Making Kit contains everything you need to make your own craft-quality beer—this is an awesome gift for beer lovers or those who like to DIY. We especially love it as a creative gift idea for your boyfriend or hard-to-buy for brothers. $40


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