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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: For the Guys

The holidays are upon us, and it’s time to give those special men in your life some extra love! The Bitches have compiled our favorite gifts for the season. We hope it inspires you as you start shopping for arguably the most difficult gender to gift.


For your hairy dude: See ya, Movember! With the Grooming Lounge Pick 4 skincare items, you can gift your man four different shaving items. We like anything with the word “Beard Destroyer” in it after a very hairy month. You’re welcome. $72

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

For your product-loving dude: For the guy who always has peaked (but bashful) interest when you apply your charcoal night mask during your Sunday ritual, get him some goods he can be proud of! Redflower, one of our absolute favorites in all-natural skincare, has compiled their favorite guys gifts, which include a rich lemon coffee blossom olive stone scrub, a refreshing, Morroccan mint tea silt purifier body wash, and relaxing cardamom amber oil. *Lucky for you, our BWB readers get a 10% discount on all Redflower orders through 12/31 with code BWB10.

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

For your trend-setting dude: We get that tailor made suits are financially out of the question after your Black Friday/Cyber Monday damage. But have you considered a custom made tee? Son of a Tailor, an truly innovative company, offers several tailor made options to get your man looking sharp in his casuals for a mere $60.

For your suit-clad dude: Work outfits don’t have to be boring with these FACA cufflinks, which offer something different than the standard pattern. We love the fun gunmetal mustaches, and the unique motorino scooter cufflinks the best! $50+

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

For your couch potato dude: Who doesn’t love their apartment smelling like a pine tree? Circle 21 offers some awesome-smelling premium soy candles that will mask the scent of wings and football-festering on your man’s next Sunday Funday. (Disclaimer, this is totally also a gift for the Girls!). $25.

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

For your fashion-forward dude: Who says bracelets have to be for the ladies? These sleek Jan Leslie bracelets are bestsellers for a reason..let your man channel his inner Steve McQueen as he rocks this Nepal beaded skull arm candy for the holidays. $75.

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

For your design-inclined dude: We love the simplicity of S-key Shop’s S Key. It beats your man losing his solo key every other day, it keeps you from scratching said key against your iPhone in your handbag. Plus, it looks clean and cool. $40.

For your non-motorized biker dude: It’s great that your man rides a bike while you spend your savings in Ubers. It’s not so great when that bike sits idly in a corner of your crammed apartment. Artifox Bike Rack solves all of your functional design problems, allowing your man to show off his bike as wall art when he’s not riding. $250.

For your entrepreneur/work-from-home dude: Whose tired of giving out back massages to the crooked-backed boys in your life who slump over their awkward-angled computers while they work from home all day? Enter, this sleek iSkelter laptop desk. Because you can’t look much cooler working from your couch with this bad boy. $100

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

For your wine-loving dude: We love this Corvi concrete wine cooler from Intoconcrete, and not just because it chills our bubbles for the holiday. It’s sophisticated and edgy, and it’s not as feminine as a champagne bucket. All your man will have to do is stick it in the freezer! $75

For your dapper dude: For the guy who appreciates some luxe footwear, surprise him with some high quality French loafers in a statement pattern; they’re sure to be a conversation starter. We’re partial to the bright, preppy sea creatures in the Resort collection and it’s another excuse to book a tropical vacation together. Galet, $195+

More of our top picks for our guys, below.


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