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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: For the Foodie

We all know (and love) a foodie. They’re the friends that keep us up to date on the hottest new restaurants, the latest kitchen gadgets, or the most delicious recipes. Hence, they deserve a little extra sugar this holiday season.

Spoil the foodies in your life with these gifts, gadgets, and experiences this holiday season. Cheers!


For the messy chef: I’m one of them, therefore this witty spoon holder and apron will be on my Christmas list. Fish Eddy’s Rest in Grease spoon rest, $15+. “Hot stuff coming through”, $50+.

hot stuff apron

For the at-home barista: Perhaps the most functional and beautiful gift I’ve purchased for my guy to date is the Bruer cold brew coffee maker. With it’s sleek design and delicious coffee product, it has a standing place on our counter. Pair it with local Compass coffee grinds and you have yourself the perfect gift for your at-home java loving friend. $80+

For the foodie that loves to host: Obviously, we love brunching out, but there’s something intimate about hosting the best meal of the weekend at your (or a friend’s) place. For the hostess with the mostest, gift Brunch at Bobby’s cookbook, and guarantee your invite to the next soirée. $15+. 

For the health-conscious foodie: As we’ve mentioned, friends don’t let friends function without a spiralizer. So, if you know someone who is somehow surviving without one, gift this to them ASAP. Williams-Sonoma Paderno spiralizer, $40+.

For the experiential foodie: We’re counting down the days until the South Beach Food and Wine festival, which also happens to make a great milestone gift for the foodie in your life. A bit of a splurge, yes. But, this is an experience you can share, and one that will win you ma-jor brownie points. For a more local, culinary experience, check out Knead and Know—a bread making class in Virginia dedicated to the art of baking baguettes, croissants, pizza dough, and more, or a tried-and-true date night cooking class at Culinarie. $100+. 

For the time-pressed foodie: 

Ain’t nobody got time to pluck rosemary sprigs one by one. And since every foodie knows that herbs and seasoning can make or break a dish, this gadget is sure to come in handy. Chef’n ZipStrip Herb Zipper, $5+. 

We all know Avocados are great, but they can be tricky to slice and dice. The foodie in your life will appreciate this thoughtful gift every time they whip up guacamole. Avocado cuber, $15+

For the foodie on-the-go: The perfect stocking stuffer for the guy or gal in your life that’s always looking to spice it up. Hot sauce to go, $15+ 

For the ambitious and accomplished baker: Cupcakes are so 2012. If you really want to impress your foodie friend, channel their inner Julia Child and gift them this homemade macaroon kit. Lekue Macaron Kit, $40+. 

For the DC-obsessed foodie: One of the best engagement gifts we received were these DC map mason jars from a college friend. You can use them for water, whiskey, and occasionally to hold flowers. $15+.

foodie DC mason

For the foodie with too much time on their hands:

I once consumed a gourmet five course meal prepared in a grocery store. During that meal, we made our own cheese within minutes. After that meal, I purchased one of the coolest gifts I have ever given, the DIY cheese maker kit, for the foodie who wants to impress. $15+. 

There’s nothing like homemade pasta. Give the gift that keeps on giving, with this homemade pasta maker, which can produce several types of noodles. Pair it with a great sauce, now that’s amore. $300+. 

For the on-the-go mixologist: RSVP Cocktail Skinnies are a perfect gift for an upcoming bachelorette or a friend that enjoys a tasty cocktail on the go. Just add water and your booze of choice to the Baja Margarita, Miami Breeze, or New York Cosmo flavors, shake, and cheers to zero calories. Bitches can enjoy 30% off and free shipping by ordering from, using the code BITCHES30. $20+.

RSVP Skinnys - Foodie Gift Guide

For the treat yo’ self foodie: There’s nothing like treating someone to an indulgent night in during the holiday season. Gift someone who might be partial to spending a NYE or Valentine’s Day at home with a deliciously decadent box of macarons from Olivia Macaron and this Moet Hennessy Krug Grande Cuvee Sharing set of champagne and toasting flutes. $300+. 


For the city-dwelling foodie: Friends that own a grill are great friends to have. But, when you live in a city, more often than not, you’re heading to the friend’s apartment that has a rooftop with one grill meant to be shared among 400 people, which is why this rectangular grill is the perfect gift for that city dwelling, sans rooftop, foodie. $100+. 

For the digital foodie: Pinterest is the new cookbook, so help the friend that pins, tweets, and ‘grams her way through the kitchen, with this sturdy, non-slip, wood stand that is designed to hold an iPad both vertically and horizontally. Williams-Sonoma Orange Chef iPad Stand$30+. 

For the ice queen: 

Water is a necessity, but let’s be real, it can get boring. Spice up someone’s life with these sphere ice molds, which can be used to make fruit infused ice cubes for water and/or cocktails. Sphere ice molds, $10+. 

ice cube

We all can’t live next to a Pinkberry or froyo joint, so why not give the gift of homemade ice cream to the person that you know is always down for a frozen treat. This individual portion can be whipped up in 10 minutes flat! Zoku ice cream maker, $30+.


BONUS: Save money and score eco-friendly karma points, by making your wrapping paper a part of the gift! I’m all about the presentation, so to really wow your foodie friends, I would suggest wrapping your gift in a fun, useful, and eco-friendly monogrammed dish towel, which everyone can use.

Here are more of our favorite foodie finds this season!


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Steph is the former DC editor in chief and is known for having a good eye, a sharp wit, and an eclectic palate.

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