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Heaven On Seven Brunch

There are few brunches as heavenly as brunch at Heaven on Seven, the classic Chicago spot for some of the finest Cajun cuisine from renowned chef Jimmy Bannos. I was delighted to finally have the chance to check out Heaven on Seven when my friend Emily hosted a Title Boxing class followed by brunch for some of our foodie friends. So, after an extreme butt-kicking workout, we headed to Heaven on Seven to load up on carbs and refuel our bodies… and rehydrate with libations!

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Heaven on Seven is quite the spot, situated on the seventh floor of the historic Garland building on Wabash. The building is quiet and unsuspecting, especially during the weekend when The Loop notoriously shuts down thanks to the lull of nine-to-five office workers who dominate the area. Upon the elevator doors opening on the seventh floor, though, you are transported to Louisiana thanks to this fun and lively restaurant.

As you enter Heaven on Seven, you catch glimpses of the New Orleans-inspired ambiance everywhere: alligator figures are placed along the windows, Mardi Gras beads hang from the light fixtures, and hot sauce is, well, everywhere. Seriously, all of the walls are covered head-to-toe with hot sauces, and each table offers another 20 or more varieties.

Heaven on Seven Brunch

Jimmy quickly arrived at the table to welcome us all and, frankly, was ready to start feeding us. Starving and low on energy, we were all more than anxious to take him up on his offer. Rounds of drinks were ordered by all, with most people opting either for a Bloody Mary or the New Orleans classic, a hurricane.

Heaven on Seven Brunch

I went with the hotter version of the Bloody Mary, made with habanero vodka, and it really was something. It was spicy enough that it quenched my thirst and awakened my taste buds, but not too spicy to the point of being unbearable. I really enjoyed it. The hurricanes were delicious, as well, not as sweet and sugary as I had feared.

Heaven on Seven Brunch

Immediately food started to arrive at our table. Up first were the blueberry Bayou blasters, the restaurant’s version of blueberry muffins, which were incredible. Fluffy and light, with a hint of spice and sweetness, these were a fan favorite right off the bat.

Heaven on Seven Brunch

Additionally, Jimmy sent over the restaurant’s famous fried jalapeño cheddar cornbread with pimento cheese. Talk about a divine dish, these little bites were more than heavenly.

Heaven on Seven Brunch

For a full-on sweet touch to our meal, we indulged in the bananas foster French toast.  Sweet and buttery, the caramelized bananas were just perfect. I would put them on almost anything, truth be told, and eat it all up. Everyone commented on how delicious they were.

Heaven on Seven Brunch

A skillet of some sort was delivered to the table made with tater tots, pork, cheese, green onions and topped with a perfect fried egg. It was southern comfort food to the max; a little bit greasy and cheesy, but flavorful and well balanced.

Heaven on Seven Brunch

Seeing that I was brunching with fellow foodies like myself, no one objected when I continued on my brunch train and decided to order one last dish: the poached eggs on crab cakes with Creole sauce. Being a tried and true Maryland girl, I couldn’t resist ordering the crab cakes, and I was glad that I didn’t ignore that urge! These were so good, and definitely reminded me of home. The lump crab meat was coated perfectly with a tangy and spicy Creole sauce that was finger lickin’ good.

Heaven on Seven Brunch

Jimmy had one final request of our group before we headed out as stuffed as we were. One that would really test the limits of how far we will go as foodies for the best bites. He asked us to partake in the #PoBoyFace challenge at the restaurant, and take a picture of us eating one of Heaven on Seven’s po’ boy sandwiches. As a Southern food and seafood loving girl, I could not say no to a po’ boy.

The one I tried had perfectly golden and crispy fried oysters, on top of a roll with tomatoes and lettuce with the restaurant’s house made remoulade sauce. Heaven on Seven is simply put, divine. It is a fun and relaxing spot to enjoy delicious Cajun brunch fare with family or friends, and combines the best attributes of southern living, great hospitality and even better food.

The Bitches Say: A. Come here for no frills, all fun, and darn delicious Cajun brunch cuisine, stay for the hurricanes and Bloody Marys. Come again for Jimmy Bannos, because he is just a gem.

Heaven on Seven
111 N. Wabash – 7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 263-6443

Heaven on Seven serves breakfast Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.


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