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Glen’s Garden Market Brunch

I can’t drink like I could in college. Truthfully, I couldn’t really keep up back then, either. Last weekend, I had a nice little Saturday planned—with an early start time—but on Friday night I met up with a friend from college for drinks.

A typical bro, he insisted I match each of his beverages with one of my own. But he plyed me with great wine and conversation—so who was I to refuse?

I believe I was single-handedly responsible for polishing off the last bottle of a vintage Pinot Noir on the wine list at Pearl Dive.

This is is how I found myself balancing precariously and painfully in Warrior 3 in yoga the following morning. As the room spun, I prayed to the yoga gods for safe passage all the way through to Savasana, when I could have some respite.

I bumbled along sloppily through my sun salutations surrounded by the beautiful people of Vida Fitness. Mimi does teach a great power yoga at 10 a.m., and I made a mental note to return when I could enjoy it fully.

Glens Garden Market Brunch 39

“You survived,” said Adrienne as we were getting ready in the pristine locker rooms at Vida.

“Barely,” I replied. “Oh. And I forgot a bra, and tights. Hmmm.” I said, too exhausted to be concerned. “You think anyone will notice?” I said, shrugging and looking closely at my chambray shirt in the mirror.

I had planned a lovely day for her and I. First, power yoga at Vida U Street (Fit Bitches). Then, a casual brunch at Glen’s Garden Market. Finally, a book signing with Nigel Barker of Top Model fame at DCanter, a wine boutique across town.

Glens Garden Market Brunch 9

We strolled over to Glen’s, a quick jaunt from U Street, with a quick stop at the Rite Aid to procure some tights. Shortly thereafter, we were cruising around Glen’s, a local, sustainable market in North Dupont.

I regularly visit Glen’s for my groceries—picking up local meats, cheeses, and vegetables as well as my favorite local vendors like Compass Coffee, ‘Chups ketchup, Gouter tonics, Carla Hall desserts, and more.

But, today, we were here for a very specific purpose: to gorge ourselves on sandwiches featuring Bullfrog Bagels, an H Street bagel shop that’s garnered quite the following for its New York style bagels. And, gorge ourselves we did.

Glens Garden Market Brunch 6

Glen’s has a coffee and wine bar at the front of the restaurant—and a deli at the back with prepared foods, meats, and cheeses.

Glens Garden Market Brunch 17

After a quick walk around, we ordered coffees—a black coffee for Adrienne and an almond milk latte for me. We also snatched up a package of Sticky Fingers vegan brownies, which looked too good to pass up.

Glens Garden Market Brunch 8

Then, to the back to visit the deli. After placing our orders at the deli counter, we set up shop at the communal table, running into old friends and making some new ones. Finally, our orders were ready, as the folks behind the counter called our names rather loudly. Or, maybe I was just a bit sensitive to sound this morning.

Everything slowly became silent as I was presented with the best breakfast sandwich of my life. It was the egg and sausage sandwich served on a sesame bagel, as they were out of all other bagel flavors that morning. This bagel sandwich was so thick, I couldn’t actually fit it in my mouth to take a bite. An enormous, juicy sausage patty was topped with Cheddar cheese and a generous, large baked egg. The bagel was perfect, and slathered in butter. It was probably the most satisfying—and messy—breakfast experiences of my life. With each bite I took into the delicious, hot, buttery sandwich, I dribbled grease and butter onto the paper plate. I was sitting across from  handsome group of (straight) men, and I didn’t care—not one bit. I was entirely focused on the experience.  I suggest you go to Glen’s for this experience—now.

Glens Garden Market Brunch 24

Adrienne’s sandwich was an equally large bagel-and-egg sandwich. However, the salmon and cream cheese was baked into her eggs, which was awesome. Her bagel, which was also sesame, was lined with fresh slices of thick red tomatoes.

Glens Garden Market Brunch 28

Bullfrog Bagels really are worth the hype.

Because two sandwiches weren’t enough, we ordered a third, non-bagel sandwich to share. The breakfast BELT consisted of thick apple-wood bacon, two fried eggs, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise served on slices of sourdough bread.

Glens Garden Market Brunch 31

We concluded with Sticky Fingers brownies, which were great—moist, dense, and chocolate-y.

All in all, this was a delicious, satisfying, and affordable brunch without frills. Just fresh food and satisfying bagel sandwiches on a bench, dripping butter all over your face while strangers eye your bagels with jealousy.

Glens Garden Market Brunch 42

In addition to a market, Glen’s also has a wine club, a growler club, a CSA, and catering. The local market is all about building community, which DC could use more of when it’s done with this sort of sincerity.

The Bitches say: A+. Glen’s is our happy place—the market is just what DC needed. The bagel sandwiches can’t be beat and brunch in an easy, communal environment was a welcome change from the norm.

Glen’s Garden Market
2001 S St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Cori Sue

Co-Founder, Pro Bruncher

The co-founder of Bitches Who Brunch, Cori Sue loves brand strategy, social media, red wine, and pink lipstick.

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  1. Based on this great rec, my husband and I grabbed brunch at Glen’s this weekend. Wow, I could not disagree more with your review, so it may be worth a second visit to see if things have changed.

    We ordered a sausage, egg, and cheese on a bagel plus an El Vaquero with cheese to go. 10 minutes after leaving, we realized that the sausage on my husbands sandwich wasn’t just a bit undercooked, like 50% if it was raw. My sandwich was a greasy mess, with dry steak, grainy tomatoes, and missing the cheese I requested. We will NOT be returning and were really disappointed for breakfast sandwiches that cost $10 each.

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