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Cupcake Queens: The Frosting Fairytale

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Newlyweds Michelle and Todd Bracken are so sweet they may give you a toothache before their cupcakes do. (Just read their adorable story covered by the Washington Post).  Essentially, Michelle was a busy, successful career woman who had always dreamed of starting her own bakery. She met Todd through (apparently it does work!) and he encouraged her to pursue her dream.
Michelle and Todd Braken. Photo credit: Mark Gail, The Washington Post

Two years later, you can find the couple holding hands or being just plain adorable at Frosting in Chevy Chase. (Todd, Michelle, and her mother are business partners.) I met Michelle on Tuesday, and she radiates happiness. She’s had a big year, after all, getting married and starting a business.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

All recipes are family secrets. (The carrot cake is Todd’s mother’s recipe, for example). The most popular cupcake is the traditional vanilla—but with Michelle’s super-secret extract this cupcake is anything but plain.

Photo credit: Kate Headley Photography

Frosting, a “boutique bakeshop,”  holds its own in ritzy Chevy Chase, M.D.—it’s simply lovely. Their shop, Web site, logo, and menu are all super cute. More importantly, the cupcakes are delicious—moist, amazing, unique—girlfriend has some serious baking skills. And, at $2.75, they’re a whole two quarters cheaper than most competitors. They also have a breakfast bar with breakfast cupcakes—how novel!

Photo credit: Kate Headley Photography

We’re storybook ending satisfied.

The Cupcake 5 Factor:
Pretty? Yes.
Extensive Flavor Selection? Yes.
Moist cake? Yes.
Good Frosting? Yes.
Good Ambiance? Yes.

1 Wisconsin Circle
Chevy Chase, M.D.
(301) 539-9021

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