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Fox In the Snow Brunch

For the holidays, my husband and I normally travel to Vancouver BC to visit his family, or head home to Washington, D.C. to spend the holidays with mine. This year, my husband decided instead to embark on a South American adventure with his best buddy Brian, and leave me to my own devices. This meant doing the 12 hour drive to D.C. alone. Well, my dog, Buster, was with me, but he can’t talk so what does that matter?

I packed healthy snacks for the road, and packed my trunk to the brim, and we took off for D.C. After two and a half weeks being home and dreading the drive, I finally accepted that I had to head back to Chicago eventually. This time I was smart. I decided to break up the drive and reach out to my friend Julia who lives in Columbus. She took Buster and I am and gave us the comfiest bed to sleep in. We ordered pizza and drank wine, and let me tell you, it was a much better rest stop than the ones I encountered on the way to D.C.

The Fox In The Snow Brunch

My best blogging babe, Erika, moved back to her hometown of Columbus about six months ago, so of course we made plans to meet up and see each other. Erika works from coffee shops, like I do. I had been seeing her post cute pictures on her Instagram from a certain coffee shop called Fox in the Snow that she had been frequenting as of late. I insisted that we meet there for coffee and a bite the next morning. Sure enough, Fox in the Snow was the perfect spot to meet, and it was everything I had hoped it would be.

The Fox In The Snow Brunch

Only a short drive from where I was staying, as soon as I entered the parking lot for Fox in the Snow my car was instantly filled with the most delicious aroma. I parked and followed the smell of bacon and baked goods. I am not kidding, you could smell the restaurant from blocks away, I am certain!

The Fox In The Snow Brunch

Inside, the cafe was bustling with folks sitting and sipping coffee at individual and communal tables, laptops open and cell phones out. The space is modern; located in a renovated mason garage, it is industrial yet charming. Green plants hang from every corner of the restaurant, while cute succulents and lush trees are scattered throughout. The wall outside is covered in green vines, surrounding the painted fox on the brick.

Erika arrived shortly after I did, and we grabbed a two-person table along the back wall. We then ventured to the counter to engage our senses with the sweet smell of the baked goods coming fresh out of the ovens and the sight of icing-topped cinnamon rolls, fruit-stuffed pastries, and the variety of muffins located behind the glass counter.

Though a bakery and coffee shop, Fox in the Snow offers several items on its menu beyond baked goods, making it the perfect spot for breakfast meetings. Erika and I both settled on the souffled egg sandwich. We ordered two lattes, and then decided to share the seasonal fruit galette, a blueberry galette.

The Fox In The Snow Brunch

We settled into our spot, lattes in hand, and no sooner did our sandwiches and pastry arrived to the table. The sandwich was on a buttery piece of ciabbatta bread and layered with fluffy, puffed, souffled eggs, melted cheese, arugula, and crisp bacon.

The Fox In The Snow Brunch

We immediately dug in,  “oohing” and “ahhing” over how delicious it was. It was a perfect portion, leaving us satiated but not overly stuffed. Thankfully, we still had enough room for the sweet finish to our breakfast, the blueberry galette.

The Fox In The Snow Brunch

The gallete was wonderful. The crispy, buttery pastry dough was perfectly crisp around the edges. In the middle, a cream cheese filling was like a pillow for the delicately placed fresh blueberries atop. This pastry tasted better than it looked—and it looked pretty darn good.

The Fox In The Snow Brunch

Fox in the Snow is a charming and refreshing spot in Columbus’ Italian Village. The space is warm and inviting; the food and pastries are delicious; and the baristas are prepared to make you some of the best java drinks in town. Stop by for mid-week breakfast, weekend brunch, mid-day meetings, or coffee dates with friends.

The Bitches Say: A. Fox in the Snow is a charming and delightful spot in Columbus. Although more a cafe and bakery than a restaurant, their limited breakfast offerings hold up to any brunch spot in town. It is perfect for mid-week breakfast or coffee dates with friends.

Fox in the Snow
1031 N. Fourth St.
Columbus, OH

Fox in the Snow serves breakfast Monday through Friday from  7 a.m. on, and Saturday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to close.


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