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Flo is a staple for people in West Town looking for a weekday breakfast spot with a lighthearted, casual ambiance. The restaurant has been a vibrant part of the Chicago community for years and serves Latin and Central American inspired cuisine. On the weekends you can definitely expect a wait, so if you can swing it, we highly recommend going on a weekday.

Flu Brunch

The space is casual, funky, and lively, with exposed brick walls are decorated with fun art and mirrors, and a space that’s usually full. I reviewed Flo years ago, but after having many a more brunches there, I decide that Flo deserved another brunch review to highlight more of the brunch offerings.

Flu Brunch

Flo is famous for its signature Fruity Pebble French Toast, and of the many times I’d visited the restaurant in the past, I still had yet to try it. Today, I was on a mission.

Flo Brunch

The one dish I order regularly the Flo Style; it is so simple yet I crave it all the time; I have even attempted to recreate it at home. You get two eggs cooked to your liking, and it comes served with a roasted poblano pepper sauce, pico de gallo, black beans, potatoes and warm tortillas. I swear Flo has the best pico de gallo, and the roasted poblano pepper sauce with this dish is so delicious. It is by far the best salsa verde I have ever had.

Flu Brunch

My brunch date opted for the red chilaquiles; corn tostada pieces folded with scrambled eggs, black beans, poblano rajas, corn, and pico de gallo, all simmered in red chili-tomato salsa and topped with cheddar cheese and warm tortilla. These were a little more soaked than is desirable, but but the flavor of the sauce was good. We agreed that we would have preferred the chilaquiles a little crispier, and we ultimately didn’t eat more than a few bites, because it was so soggy.

Flu Brunch

For the piece de resistance, I present to you the sweetest dish I have ever had; the cereal crusted fried toasty goodness that is the Fruity Pebble French toast. The dish was colorful, as to be expected, but the addition of blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries on top added to the vibrancy of the dish.

Would I order the Fruity Pebble French toast again? Probably not. Two bites in and I had my fill of sweetness. I think to have eaten the entire dish would result in one, if not a few cavities. But it did look fun.

The Bitches say: C+. There is nothing quite exceptional or spectacular about the dishes at Flo, but they are definitely good. It’s a no frills kind of place, and sometimes that is just what you want. The Latin American-inspired food is yummy, and the ambiance is fun. But we wouldn’t recommend you order the chilaquiles or the French toast, unless it’s for the ‘gram.

(312) 243-0477

Flo serves breakfast all day, and brunch menu items on the weekend.


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