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Flat Iron Steak & Saloon Brunch

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A note from the Bitches: this restaurant is now closed. 

“Alright, cowgirl,” he said as he stomped his spurred boots through the swinging doors. “Where do we get decent steak and eggs in these here parts?”

At the saloon, of course, cowboy. And I’ve found a great one. Just point your horse south to Old Town, where the streets are narrow and the brunch is hot.

There, last Sunday morning, eight extremely hungover bandits gathered around a long booth upstairs at Flat Iron Steak & Saloon. The two-story joint had somewhat of a sports bar upstairs and a more upscale restaurant space below.

Flat Iron Steak Brunch

We didn’t all plan to be hurting together; it just sort of happened. And before the waiter had even gotten our much-needed coffee to the table we determined where in the city each of us were reveling the night prior, connecting all the drunken dots.

Flat Iron Steak Brunch

Turns out, steak and eggs is the perfect cure for a hangover, and Flat Iron’s steaks were excellent. But first, we needed coffee and water on an IV drip, and definitely some of that mac ‘n’ cheese to cure our aching bellies.

Flat Iron Steak Brunch

We also ordered the sliders to share. The regular lunch menu has gourmet sliders, but the brunch menu offers three mini sliders with eggs, melted cheddar sauce and grilled onions. A perfect, quick app for a hungry table.

Flat Iron Steak Brunch

At Flat Iron, you can have your choice of their famous steaks, from the T Bone to the New York cut. You can even get a whopping 18 ounce bone-in ribeye for brunch, if you so desire. All of the steaks come with two eggs and a choice of sides. And yeah, they’re in the $20 range, but that’s because they’re great.

We went for the full selection. I had the 9 ounce filet, which was thick and juicy, and perfectly cooked. My cowboy had the 12 ounce New York cut, which was even thicker and even juicier than mine. There was definitely a ribeye in our midst, and maybe even a Bistro cut.

Flat Iron Steak Brunch

Only a few people at our table decided not to be so carnivorous that morning, and they perused the rest of the brunch menu and even the lunch menu. There is a selection of benedicts on the menu, none of which offer steak. Also, a few omelette options, one even with crab and asparagus. Someone even ordered a cheese pizza.

The only vegetarian at the table (sorry, cowboy) ordered the huevos rancheros without the steak. The dish had black beans, two sunny side eggs, Jack cheese, guac, ranchero sauce and roasted corn salsa. He thought it was rather average—but perhaps that was because it was missing the moo, silly.

Flat Iron Steak Brunch

Another great dish on the table was the country fried steak and waffles. The waffles were Belgian style and the dish was served with smothered in country gravy. It smelled amazing, and it must have tasted great, too, because it was gone before we could try it.

Flat Iron Steak Brunch

We were the only table in the restaurant that morning, but that’s how we like our saloons—we like to own them. So we holstered our guns and tumbled outside into the daylight, ready to tackle the next adventure. Or maybe just a trip to Home Depot.

I don’t suspect this place will always be so empty once the word gets out how good the food is. We already have plans to go back with our cowboys to watch football and try the delicious-looking bar menu.

Flat Iron Steak Brunch

The Bitches say: A. The steaks are an A+ and the unpretentious ambiance and service had these cowgirls in love.

Flat Iron Steak & Saloon serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Flat Iron Steak & Saloon
808 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 299-0777

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  1. Well written and well said I love this place, their food and the ambiance. They are probably the most loyal clients I have. Scott always takes care of his people. Also, your site is great!

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