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Cocktail Recipe: Old Fashioned

Your dad may be a craft beer guy. Or a gin guy. Mine is a pint-of-Guinness-at-the-pub guy.

If he’s a whiskey guy, this simple variation on a timeless classic makes for a thoughtful gesture on Father’s Day.

First mixed at a gentleman’s club in Kentucky in the 1880s, the Old Fashioned is one of the country’s most classic cocktails. Traditionally made with bourbon, you’re likely to find any number of variations on this tried and true guy’s drink at bars around the world.

Our advice? Keep it simple.

Cocktail Recipes

Our friends at Glenfidditch shared a bottle of their 12-year single malt, which served as inspiration for this classic. (This also makes a great gift for a Scotch-loving dad, if it is the day before and you haven’t gone shopping yet). It’s one of their award winning offerings, known for being smooth, mellow and drinkable. Not to mention mixable.


  • Scotch whiskey (2 oz.)
  • Sugar
  • Bitters (a few dashes)
  • Orange peel
  • Ice cube, or sphere

Cocktail Recipes


Place the sugar cube at the bottom of a tumbler or heavy cocktail glass. Add a few dashes of bitters. Muddle the two together. Add the scotch and the ice, and stir, lovingly. Garnish with orange peel and serve.

Tips from the Bitches

Ice: it’s general wisdom from most contemporary bartenders that a single large ice cube pays the most respect to the drink. They melt more slowly (and look really cool). Any home store has large ice cube trays—look for cubes or spheres.

Sugar: you can get fancy with different kinds of sugar, to influence the drink in interesting ways. We stick to good old white sugar cubes (the classic), but occasionally use brown, for a slight molasses finish.

Bitters: there are hundreds of kinds. We like Agnostura. A simple build is orange bitters, which is light and smooth; in this case, we like Peychaud’s.

A toast: don’t forget to celebrate Dad with a few original words of gratitude or praise. Happy Father’s Day!


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