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Farm Girl Brunch in London

Nestled on a side street in charming Notting Hill lies Farm Girl, a quaint, health-forward café with a hefty Instagram following. I’d found Farm Girl when searching through Instagram for the best places to brunch while in London. I was intrigued by the café’s focus on gluten- and dairy-free baked goods and its preponderance of colorful—blue, pink, green, and black—Matcha lattes. (Charcoal lattes, liquid gold lattes, blue Matchas, and more.) Paleo pastries, Matcha lattes, and Instagram-worthy cafes definitely do it for me.

Farm Girl is one of a few health-focused cafes in Notting Hill that serve breakfast daily. So, I headed over to shop in the boutiques and explore the quiet streets of Notting Hill solo while the boyfriend was at work at his London office. Nothing like a day to yourself in London.


You enter Farm Girl through an outdoor alley that’s slightly dilapidated and covered in greenery. The outdoor dining space was filled with Insta-sluts, as I call them, with tripods, Lumees, and phones out. I was among my people. I waited patiently inside for a table out in the courtyard—the weather had been unusually warm for London, and—if I’m honest—I was waiting for good lighting. The staff, who were very busy, were happy to accommodate and even gifted me with a black Matcha latte while I waited.


The carafes of water on the tables were flavored with ribbons of cucumber and lemon for a nice, healthy touch that was not lost on me.

Deciding between the different styles of Matcha and coffee lattes, I opted for the Hibiscus Matcha latte with coconut milk, with the deciding factor being its shade of pink. Beyond the fact that it was a pretty shade of fuschia with a lovely latte heart, the Hibiscus Matcha was quite good. It lacked the bitterness from the green tea that’s in a classic Matcha, and provided instead a slightly sweet, floral taste.

Eager to indulge in gluten-free carbs, I ordered the pancakes, a doughnut, a crabcake, as well as an açaí bowl because I have an addiction.

The pancakes were absolutely divine. Two thick, fluffy pancakes that were baked and not unlike a Dutch baby style hotcake. They were covered in sprinkled coconut, fresh sliced strawberries, and a sweet macerated strawberry sauce.


Meanwhile, the doughnut left something to be desired. It fell apart immediately as you picked it up. And, while moist, it had a dense, lackluster texture. The cake itself lacked flavor, and the floral frosting was not my favorite.


The crab cake was OK—the inside crab meat had a spicy, Creole style flavor that I really enjoyed. I will say I appreciated the variety and type of side dishes—inclusive of a singular crab cake—that you can order while dining at Farm Girl.


Last but not least, the açaí bowl was a standard açaí, served in a small, deep round bowl and topped with sliced bananas and coconut flakes. The açaí was great—not too sweet, but perfectly chilled and delicious. The bananas were fresh, and the coconut was not excessive.

The Bitches say: A-. Farm Girl is cute,  with healthy, instagrammable food.

Farm Girl
Notting Hill
59A Portobello Road
London, UK

Cori Sue

Co-Founder, Pro Bruncher

The co-founder of Bitches Who Brunch, Cori Sue loves brand strategy, social media, red wine, and pink lipstick.

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