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Event Recap: Petals & Prosecco


Whether you’re going to a music festival, or obsessed with the Snapchat filter, flower crowns are not just a passing fancy, they are here to stay!

Last week, the fashion guru behind Fashion-A-Holic, Janet Mandell, hosted a wonderful DIY flower crown party on the patio of Pearl Tavern. With the help of Debi Lilly, the event planning and DIY extraordinaire behind A Perfect Event, we all made Instagram-worthy flower crowns that we wore through the evening, and even the next day—how could I not wear mine to the Adele concert? Tip: to make your crown last an extra day, place it in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator—keeping the flowers cool will ensure they don’t wilt too quickly!


The table was decked out with vases of roses, peonies, small wildflowers, and wispy buds of all colors. Taylor, from A Perfect Event, coached us all on how to make the base of the crown, then how to add the leaves, and finally the flowers for the desired pops of color. All of us chatted about our blogs, ate the delicious lobster mac and cheese, and took cues from each other on how to perfect our crowns.


All of the who’s who of fashion bloggers in Chicago sat together and created little flower masterpieces over delicious small bites, Whispering Angel rose, and prosecco. The patio at Pearl Tavern was the perfect, breezy backdrop for this amazing summer evening.

Petals & Prosecco Group

Pearl Tavern
180 N Upper Wacker Dr,
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 629-1030


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