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Easy Brunch-Themed Halloween Costumes

It’s spooky season, ladies. And in the middle of trying to eat all of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin-flavored products, it’s time to lock down your Halloween costume. This year, stand out from the cheap “sexy handmaid” and “sexy White Claw” with your own fashionable DIY costume. Besides, what’s more beautiful and attractive than brunch?

Here are four easy, brunch-themed Halloween costumes that you can pull together in under 10 minutes using the clothes in your closet (or a quick Rent the Runway rental). None of these costumes require altering your clothes, sewing skills, or any real crafting ability.

Brunch-Themed Halloween Costumes

Bloody Mary

Looking for a saucy and spicy Halloween costume? Then the Bloody Mary costume is for you!

Supplies: red dress, headband, light green construction paper, dark green construction paper, red construction paper, tape, bamboo skewer.

Directions: Trace two large circles on your dark green paper and cut out. Then trace two smaller red circles, cut out. Affix your red circles to the dark green using tape or glue. These are your olives. Then tape the olives to a bamboo skewer. For your celery headband, cut fringe along the top half of your light green construction paper. Roll into a cylinder and tape along the edge. Punch two holes in the bottom and slide the headband through. Then bend the fringe in and out to give it a leafy appearance.

Brunch-Themed Halloween Costumes

Champagne Bottle

This sparkly, fun costume is perfect for a last minute Halloween soirée. Charm party guests with your bubbly personality and uncork a bottle to get the good times flowing. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get a second wear out of the New Year’s Eve dress you bought last year. If you want a couple’s costume, have your partner go as orange juice.

Supplies: sequin dress, brown foam, glitter foam, headband, sparkly necklace, statement earrings, hot glue gun.

Directions: Cut the brown foam into a rounded, hourglass shape. Affix the glitter foam along the bottom of your cork for some pizzazz and extra structure. Hot glue the foam flat against the headband. You’ll want to wear the headband low and across your forehead so that the cork goes straight up.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Would I be a brunch blogger without including this one? This is a classic homage to brunch queen Holly Golightly. With very few accessories and the perfect LBD, you’re ready for an office Halloween party that can go from day to night.

Supplies: black dress, pearls, black gloves, sunglasses, tiara.

Directions: Honestly? Just put on and wear. With all the time you saved with this easy costume, you can watch the movie while you wait for your friends to get ready.

Brunch-Themed Halloween Costumes

Deviled Egg

Looking for a low effort, cozy Halloween costume? Look no further. The deviled egg costume takes less time to make than actual deviled eggs. It’s the perfect costume to quickly throw together to qualify for a free Chipotle boo-rito.

Supplies: yellow construction paper, red construction paper, ribbon, tape, headband, white outfit

Directions: Cut out a yellow circle and punch a hole in the top. Thread ribbon through and hang around your neck. Cut out two horns and tape to headband. Voila!

Kirsten Ballard

Chicago Food Editor & Social Manager

Kirsten is our Chicago Food Editor & Social Manager. From 9-5, she works at a Great Lakes nonprofit, but after hours she loves exploring Chicago, looking for dog-friendly bars and good Southern biscuits.

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