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Remember when cupcakes were all-the-rage? Well, we–The Bitches, females, foodies, the people of Washington and the surrounding vicinity, and whoever else allows me to speak for them with the proverbially “we”– are so over cupcakes.

We’re on to the new dessert trend: doughnuts.

No joke, doughnuts are all-the-rage in Washington. And, if you didn’t know that you are seriously behind the curve, girlfriend, and you best up your Washington foodie credibility ASAP.


Many a Washington restaurant serves up a delicious doughnuts–Tabbard Inn, Pearl Dive, Birch & Barley, and Lyon Hall— to name a few. We do a yearly ode to doughnuts on National Doughnut Day.

But, 2013 is the year of the doughnut in Washington, with multiple restaurants dedicated solely to doughnuts opening up shop around the City. There’s Astro Chicken and Doughnuts. There’s Zekes Doughnuts. But, most importantly, there’s District Doughnut.

I first encountered District Doughnut at the Metro Cooking Show. It was early, I walked in, and at a table in front of me was Juan Pablo, one of the two young-and-attractive male co-founders. He was brandishing fresh, hot coffee, and dulce de leche doughnuts. Pablo is Argentine, and I was raised in Argentina, so we share a love of dulce de leche and doughnuts– and the man brilliantly combined the two into a gourmet artisanal round ball of dough. Maravilloso!


A month later, I thought I’d share the doughnut love, so I hosted a doughnut slumber party for a group of girlfriends. It was a cold January Friday, so I mandated everyone wear their most obnoxious flannel pajamas and come over to drink red wine or hot cocoa (or both), and eat doughnuts. We sat nestled around in my living room and Juan Pablo and his co-founder Greg, both looking dapper in suits, arrived with dozens of doughnuts.


District Doughnut’s creations are truly gourmet: made of high-quality ingredients in unique flavors and unlike any doughnut, or pastry, you’ve ever had.

My favorite is the brown butter doughnut: the base of the doughnut is a French pastry delicacy, Beurre Noisette, or “hazelnut butter”, results when butter is lightly browned to perfection to give it a nutty taste and aroma. Then, it’s covered in cinnamon-sugar and topped with a sweet, brown-butter icing.

The second flavor is a caramel apple streusel doughnut, which was very very sweet but very very good.


Rather than typical chocolate, District Doughnut concocts an orange chocolate doughnut. The orange-zested dough is first filled with smooth and light orange ganache cream filling and then dressed with a layer of sweet chocolate.


Last but not least, the peanut-butter-and-jelly doughnut. While this was not my personal favorite, two of my girlfriends present–Lauren and Lauren–both loved it. And, they both did their duty of trying all four flavors.


Sticking with the unique, gourmet theme, District Doughnut’s two other flavors are coconut lime and Italian cannoli– and I suppose I’ll have to put in another order to sample those. However, I’m not sure I can move beyond my personal faves of dulce de leche and brown butter.


While the brick-and-mortar doughnut location won’t open until late spring, you can order District Doughnut now— whether you’re hosting a birthday, office, brunch, slumber, or pity party. One of the two young men will arrive in a suit to deliver them to you–at no extra cost for being so good lookin’. We support these gourmet doughnuts wholeheartedly.

The District Doughnut will be at BYT’s Donut Fest at Penn Social tomorrow. (See, I told you doughnuts were hip). Unfortunately for you, it’s sold out. So, you’ll just have to put in a delivery request.

District Doughnut
[email protected]
(571) 215- 6122

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