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District Divas: Beer and Pizza at POV

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When we saw POV’s new menu, we thought: How can a place so swanky make such a big hubbub about serving pizza? But, they invited us to come drink beer and eat pizza, so we didn’t complain—we love beer. And pizza.

Truth is, only 3-star Michelin-rated chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten could make pizza so gourmet. And he did it by adding ingredients such as truffles and kumquats.

Photo credit: POV
Photo credit: POV

The Truffle & Fontina Pizza is made from a combination of black truffle peelings and truffle oil. The truffle oil flavor was strong, and the pizza dough was light and crispy. The pizza, was, for lack of a better word, heavenly.

The other two new gourmet thin crust pizzas added to the menu: Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil and Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese, which we also sampled. We can’t think of a better late-night snack overlooking twinkling D.C. from that rooftop.

Photo credit: POV
Photo credit: POV

The beer at this rooftop pizza party was provided Baltimore brewery Heavy Seas. We tried their classic lager, which was perfect with the pizza. It had an interesting, refreshing flavor and strong undertones of hops, malt and citrus. It’s one of those beers you could drink all night without wanting to switch.

Cori Sue had the pleasure of meeting Chef Jean Georges when she brunched at the W Hotel in December. The soft-spoken and personable French chef came up to chat with us about what’s happening down in the kitchen. Perhaps it was the French accent or his ability to create truffle oil heaven, but we started to develop a bit of foodie crush on him. And then, he brought out the dessert, and our kinda-crush turned into full-blown admiration.

In addition to the new pizzas, POV is also introducing two new desserts: walnut fudge brownie with salted caramel ice cream and crème fraiche cheesecake served with rich kumquat marmalade and house made mandarin sorbet. This is a man with talent and vision in the kitchen.

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