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DC Harvest Brunch

There’s really nothing better than a delicious, bottomless brunch in a cozy spot on a cold day. I gathered my Bitches—and off we went to H Street, to visit the new DC Harvest.

Three of us, Adrienne, Christina, and I, were sorority sisters at UNC. Daniela is one of my dearest friends and Sarah was visiting from New York. We entered the restaurant, which is a two-story row house, and were ushered to the lovely, light-filled second floor, where the open-air kitchen is also located.

DC Harvest Brunch 25

The space is lovely and cozy and the service is friendly. We arrived late for brunch—and stayed late—so we had the upstairs level to ourselves for much of the meal.
DC Harvest’s brunch menu is concise yet unique—with granola, oatmeal, salads, scrambles, a lamb burger, and a steak and eggs. There are brunch cocktails—mimosas, Bloody Marys, and a “Funday,” with vodka, lemon juice, house-made grenadine, and club soda.

There’s also a kids brunch, which features silver dollar pancakes, oatmeal, or scrambled eggs—and a mocktail if the tykes would like.

The bottomless mimosas are generous pours served in low tumbler glasses. Throughout our long, leisurely brunch, we all had several rounds—and all wound up taking disco naps until about 8 p.m. when half of us reunited for wine and movies on H Street.

DC Harvest Brunch 4

We began with two dozen local oysters on the half shell, served with pickled watermelon mignonette. The oysters were good—not too briny, not too meaty. Small and easy to slurp down. The mignonette was certainly the most memorable I’ve had with oysters as of late.

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We couldn’t resist the cheese plate, with cow, sheep and blue cheeses, mixed nuts, assorted tapenades and bread. The bread was slices of plain wheat bread, served toasted and warm. At first, I was displeased with the bread presented but it actually went surprisingly well with the cheese and spreads. There were two spreads: an olive tapenade, which was really good, and a bacon jam, which was phenomenal.

As usual, I selected the tavern steak and eggs, with brunch potatoes and market greens. My eggs were scrambled perfectly and the petite filet was cooked perfectly medium rare and delicious. The brunch potatoes are cubed sweet potatoes, rather than regular potatoes. Most people would enjoy the variation, but I am rather sick of sweet potatoes. That said, the sides—sweet potatoes and mixed greens—served with brunch entrees are fresh, healthy, and light. It’s clearly a well thought out and well executed brunch experience.

DC Harvest Brunch 33

Adrienne ordered “Jared’s Breakfast,” the steel cut oatmeal, with flax, walnuts, dried fruit, bananas, and skimmed milk. She says, “The oatmeal, yes, a weird thing to have for brunch because there’s no egg and it’s not decadent, but it was awesome. The milk on the side was a bit weird. I’ve never experienced it prepared like that—but the nuts and dried fruit mixed with the oatmeal underneath were on point.

DC Harvest Brunch 38

Christina and Sarah both ordered the lamb burger, served with tomato jam, greens, and a chili-spiked salsa verde on a multigrain roll.

DC Harvest Brunch 37

Daniela ordered the vegetable scramble, with seasonal roasted mushrooms, kale, and sheep’s milk cheese. Like my entrée, it was served with a side of fresh mixed greens and brunch sweet potatoes.

DC Harvest Brunch 40

We also ordered three sides—the homemade cherry wood smoked bacon, the stone ground cheddar grits, and the seasonal and dried fruit. The bacon was amazing as it sounds: enormous, crispy, and nearly caramelized with the cherry wood smoke.

DC Harvest Brunch 44

The grits, topped with melted white cheddar, were nearly as good as the bacon. Piping hot and ooey gooeey rich, these grits had us all grabbing to scoop another dollop on our plate. As three of us went to school together in Chapel Hill, we have experienced great grits in the South and pass judgement accordingly.

The side of fruit was unique and impeccable. It was a bowl full of slices of grapefruit, oranges, bananas, apples, and pears, as well as pomegranate seeds, as well as raisins and dried fruit sprinkled throughout.

Every point of the meal was delightful thus far, and then we arrived at dessert, which proved to be no different.

The desserts were as delicious as they were beautiful. The first, a s’mores concoction served in a mason jar. In the bottom of the dish was a whipped chocolate and marshmallow fluff, followed by a layer of graham cracker crumbles

It was the perfect dessert, said Adrienne, as “it wasn’t too sweet or rich. It was whipped to a lighter consistency yet interesting, as the marshmallow fluff and chocolate commingled—and then the graham cracker hits you.”

DC Harvest Brunch 52

The second dessert was a light vanilla pound cake, topped with a raspberry gelato and served alongside clementine slices.

I always love discovering small, great spots nestled across town on H Street, which happens more often that not when I venture to Northeast. DC Harvest is a perfect

The Bitches say: A. A solid brunch spot with quality, well-prepared cuisine and a great bottomless option all in a charming row house on H Street.

DC Harvest serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. (202) 629-3296

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BitchBiz: Bitches Who Brunch partners with DC Harvest. While this article was written independently by Bitches Who Brunch, we do receive compensation from the company.

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  1. Glad you finally discovered DC Harvest. We have been several times since they first opened and have loved everything from brunch to happy hour to dinner. Everything is always perfect.

  2. The Funday sounds like a great beverage. This looks like a really healthy version of Sunday brunch. I would definitely prefer regular potatoes over sweet potatoes myself. Happy Monday 🙂

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