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DC’s Dog-Friendly Brunches

The latest addition to our little family is named Mojo. He’s a Basenji puppy and I’ve fallen head over heels for his wrinkly face and spunky personality. The dog, however, has zero chill, so he’s changed many aspects of our day-to-day life, including how we brunch.


Our new parental duties, combined with warmer weather leaves us scouring the city each weekend for pup-friendly restaurants. However, after an unsuccessful search, we figured we’d pull together a list of restaurants with dog-friendly patios and great food! So, without further ado, here are our top picks for brunch in the city with you pup by your side. 

Date Brunch: Lavagna

One of our favorite Italian restaurants on Barracks Row rolls out the red carpet for pups and patrons, alike. From a bowl of water to various treats, the staff is not only patient, but welcoming of any canine friend. Plus, the brunch is heavenly. Read our review, here.


Casual Brunch: Commissary

This was Mojo’s first restaurant experience and between the bowl of water and spacious patio, he was treated like a prince–and promptly proceeded to nap through our meal. The patio is large (for city standards) and fenced in, so it serves as a barrier to the adjacent bustling sidewalk. If you’re lucky enough to have a sleeping pup, take advantage of the bottomless brunch. Read our review, here.


International Brunch: Bistro Bohem

We never thought we’d consider a central European restaurant to be our go-to, but we’re hooked on the comfort, ease, and reliable dishes at our neighborhood bistro. We’ve been dining here for years, but the first time we brought Mojo, we were pleasantly surprised by the accommodating staff who promptly brought him a bowl of water and a blanket to lay on. We’ve also been known to stop here during on our evening walks with Mo for a happy hour drink. Read our review, here.

Bark-Worthy Brunch: Art and Soul

Art and Soul takes dining with your dog to another level. Post up at a table with views of the Capitol and order your pup the Peanut-Banana Popsicles or Frozen Beef Bone, from the special pooch patio menu. We hear they also host dog birthday parties! For deserving humans, the biscuits are not to be missed. Read our review, here.

Chill Brunch: Crisp Kitchen and Bar

If your pup is chill and you’re craving some of the best fried chicken in town, then head to Crisp in Bloomingdale for a casual, but delicious brunch. The small patio is quiet with minimal distractions. Read our review, here.

Sunday Funday Brunch: Right Proper

If your pup likes to take cover under picnic tables at a brewery, then you’ve hit the canine jackpot. Take advantage of the Shaw restaurant’s beer menu, outdoor seating, and brunch burger. Read our review, here.


Southern Brunch: Due South

Run around the Southeast waterfront with your pup and then head to Due South, a stone’s throw from Nats park, for a beer and some of the best hush puppies in town (no pun intended). Read our review, here.


‘Burb Brunch: Silver

Escaping the city for the day, but need a place to grab brunch with your nugget? Look no further than Silver’s patio in Bethesda. Milkshakes for you, shade for Rufus. Read our review, here.

pooch patio 2

Preppy Brunch: Kafe Leopold

Being a puppy parent can be hard. Sometimes I feel like a broken record, “Yes, you can pet him.” “His name is Mojo.” “No he’s not a Chihuahua, he’s a Basenji.” Escape the hard hitting questions and take your preppy pup to Kafe Leopold for a private, quiet brunch away from bustling streets and sirens. Read our review, here.

kafe pup

No Decision Brunch: Medium Rare

Sometimes when you’re with your dog, the last thing you have energy to do is make a ton of decisions. That’s why we love Medium Rare. “How do you want your steak cooked?” and “Over easy or scrambled?” will be the extent of your decision making process at this Capitol Hill spot. Oh, and Bloody Mary or Mimosa? It’s a no-brainer. Read our review, here.

Three-year-old Mo, a Shiatsu, on a downtown patio on Monday, June 17. Daniel Brenner I


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Steph is the former DC editor in chief and is known for having a good eye, a sharp wit, and an eclectic palate.

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