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Cupcake Queens: Curbside Cupcake

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A self-proclaimed cupcake connoisseur, I’ve been following @curbsidecupcakes on Twitter for some time now. Unfortunately, my office is in the middle of nowhere so I’d previously been unable to finagle a visit to this pink cupcake mobile. Turns out, I’m sorry to say, I hadn’t been missing much.

Via Twitter, I was informed that Curbside Cupcakes would be at the finish line festival for the National Marathon and Half Marathon on Saturday. I was elated. Following a 13.1 mile race, I knew there was nothing I’d want more than a beer and a cupcake.

The owner was super-friendly and the truck was adorable (it’s pink, how could it not be?). The cupcakes were cold, making for hard frosting, which perturbs me as it is hard to have an even frosting-cake bite. Assumedly, this is the nature of the beast and cupcakes in a truck must be refrigerated. They didn’t have red velvet and their cupcakes were no more impressive in taste than those available at your run-of-the-mill grocery store. My fellow runner/frosting lover and I were not impressed with our chocolate cupcakes or our Michelob Ultras from the beer tent. (But, the beers were free (thanks!) and we’ll save my beer snobbery for another day).

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

I have to give kudos to Curbside Cupcakes for taking on the mobile eatery challenge (a new trend in D.C. and difficult to accomplish with all the zoning restrictions). Also, judging by their Twitter feed, they sell out regularly. So, perhaps my dislike of their cupcakes puts me in the minority. But, next time I’m in the mood, I’ll be trekking to a different cupcakery.

The Cupcake 5  Factor:
Pretty? No.
Extensive Flavor Selection? No.
Moist cake? No.
Good Frosting? No.
Good Ambiance? No ambiance, it’s a truck

Curbside Cupcakes
Location: Mobile, follow them on Twitter.

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  1. Wow, really? I think you need to revisit this truck. I love Hello Cupcake, and these guys are just as good as those. They aren’t refrigerated- I think the cake is super moist (as opposed to g’town cupcake) and the frosting is the best part!

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