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Cupitol Coffee & Eatery Brunch

What’s better than a discovering a new coffee shop? Finding one that also serves amazing food. Enter Cupitol. Although Cupitol is tucked away on the other side of Michigan Avenue in Streeterville (a place I visit infrequently due  to the lack of parking and expensive Ubers across town,) Cupitol is worthy of the trip.

Cupitol Brunch

Cupitol is a brunchers dream: an all-day lounge that’s so much more than your average cafe. As you enter the restaurant past the large front facing windows allowing sunlight to peer in, there are tables toward the back, long booths along the wall and plenty of cute nooks to work or meet with friends. The decor is modern and chic, but relaxed and comfortable. It is a beautiful and inviting space.

Cupitol offers European-style counter service. Open refrigerators on the back wall display grab-and-go beverages, with house-made cold pressed juices and fresh-squeezed OJ and lemonade. I grabbed a green one called “Detox,” made with kale, green apple, orange, celery, and ginger. It was absolutely delicious.

The menu offers a wide variety of items, it is truly something. Unique morning sandwiches, homemade pies, and protein breakfasts are among the offerings. Plus, plenty of tempting sweets to choose from: croissants, macarons, scones, muffins, cookies, tarts—the list goes on.

Cupitol Brunch

We ordered a few things off the menu: the classic breakfast sandwich and the sweet potato bowl from the protein breakfasts section. We also ordered one off-the-menu item of the specials board: the ever-popular avocado toast, at the insistence of the restaurant’s wonderful owner, Sellia Georges.

Cupitol sells out of its insanely popular croissants, so if you want one you better brunch early. Late risers on this particular day, we enjoyed a sandwich on a brioche bun, rather than a croissant.

Cupitol Brunch

Though a simple sandwich, it was a perfectly executed. Cupitol uses farm fresh, pasture-raised eggs courtesy of Seven Sons Farm, so it was a utterly fresh and delicious. The sandwich was a classic: fried egg, Jones bacon, and American cheese—simple, reliable, perfectly executed.

Cupitol Brunch

The next two dishes were even better; I was thankful to have finished the sandwich first. The sweet potato bowl came with fresh roasted, diced sweet potato, brown rice, kale, vegan coconut curry, and it was topped with a poached egg. It was the perfect combination of ingredients to pull together the delicious flavors of a well rounded dish. I highly recommend you get this bowl for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I was thinking about it for weeks to follow.

Cupitol Brunch

Finally, the signature Cupitol dish, the avocado toast. Like much else at Cupitol, this was no average avocado toast. A thick slice of the house multigrain bread came with a thin layer of hummus spread on the bottom, and then was topped with diced tomatoes and chunks of avocado that had been tossed in a pesto. This was an explosion of flavor with every bite, and it was a unique twist on most of the avocado toasts I have ever had. The hummus was a surprising addition that I really enjoyed. Word to the wise, don’t skip out on this item either.

I could have sat at Cupitol all day; I practically did. I had three delicious cappuccinos — the coffee beans are imported from Greece, by the way — and I enjoyed working on my computer long after my friend had departed.

Cupitol Brunch

There are so many things to love about Cupitol. We love to see a female restaurant owner that’s local to Chicago — and from a first-time restaurateur no less. The Streeterville restaurant is Cupitol’s second location, as the flagship is in Evanston. The addition of Cupitol to Streeterville is a huge win for Chicago locals. I beg of you, please open more!

If I lived closer to Cupitol, I might actually just live there. This is a place you want to come back to again, and again, and again. The service is stellar, and the restaurant does an excellent job of paying homage to Georges’ European background with both the food and the ambiance.

The Bitches say: A+. One could not ask of anything more from this restaurant. Go check out Cupitol as soon as possible! Don’t forget to order the breakfast sandwich and the avocado toast.


455 E Illinois St

Chicago, IL 60611


Cupitol serves brunch and breakfast daily. (312) 414-1400




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