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Cupcake Queens: Sweetbites

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Beyond politics, power, and poor dressing, Washington nowadays is also known for its food scene, more specifically, cupcakes and food trucks. (Is anyone sick of these two trends yet?)

Despite our burgeoning food scene, Washington has fairly limited options for middle-of-the-road, delicious, affordable dining. Dining out for lunch is often a chore. This is changing, mostly due to the expansion of Sweetgreen and the arrival of a dozen—then about a dozen more—food trucks that tool around downtown Washington bringing all types of cuisine to 9-to-5ers.

While I follow all the food trucks on Twitter, I rarely have a chance to check them out. I’ve tried DC Empanadas and Curbside Cupcakes, but beyond that, none. Last Friday, I popped over to Truckeroo to check out some more.

My healthy meal began with a hangover-curing rich and creamy goat cheese mac n’ cheese, topped with tomato jam and basil and tarragon panko crumbs from the CapMac truck. It was slightly cold in places, which I assume is a common problem for cuisine coming from a vehicle. Additionally, I would have preferred fresh tomatoes rather than a tomato jam. However, the cheese was creamy, flavorful and delicious and I wouldn’t change anything about the mac n’ cheese itself. Well done, CapMac.

Of course, I couldn’t resist cupcakes from a pink truck. So, I headed to Sweetbites, one of the very few cupcakeries in the DC metro area I have not visited. Sweetbites reminds me a lot of Hello Cupcake with the pink, the branding, and even the way the cupcakes are frosted.

Sweetbites offers 11 flavors of cupcakes on its mobile truck every day. Flavors include cookies and cream, piña colada, salted caramel, chocolate ganache and more. They also serve coffee, muffins, bars and other baked goods.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

My friends and I opted for red velvet and chocolate peanut butter. Again, the chocolate peanut butter cupcake tasted very similar to the same flavor I sampled at Hello Cupcake. The cupcakes were good. They weren’t cold, so the frosting was moist, which is a major plus. They were normal size, unlike the monstrosities at Baked & Wired and Crumbs.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

In sum, the cupcakes are good, certainly better than mobile competition Curbside Cupcake. If you’re a fan of Hello Cupcake, you’ll definitely like Sweetbites.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

The Cupcake 5 Factor:
Pretty? Yes
Extensive Flavor Selection? Yes.
Moist cake? Yes.
Good Frosting? Yes
Good Ambiance? N/A, outdoor eating.

Sweetbites Mobile, find their location on their Web site or follow them on Twitter.

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