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Cupcake Queens: Alexandria Cake Pop vs. the Cupcake

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Do you remember when whoopie pies were a thing? Back in 2010, I Bitched about a heated debate with my then-boyfriend of the merits of cupcakes vs. whoopie pies. Well, much like our relationship, whoopie pies are so last year—and I’m so over it.

Judging by the 15 to 20 cupcakeries in Washington, cupcakes are a permanent fixture on the foodie scene.

But, if you’re looking for the newest and hottest baked good trends—a fun, flirtatious new lover, if you will—look no further than the cake pop.

The ladies over at Alexandria Cake Pops stole my cake pop virginity on Valentine’s Day (romantic, I know). And, I have to say, I’m hooked.

Photo credit: Alexandria Cake Pop

Cake pops—a circular globe of baked goodness on a stick—are approximately three bites of heaven. Richer than a cupcake, the cake is extremely moist and the outside is a hard shell that’s both candy and frosting at the same time.

Alexandria Cake Pop was founded by Tamara Wilson and Emily Baird, friends who tired of their job working at a regional magazine and decided to strike out on their own.

Wilson had been baking cake pops for fun. Her first large batch was whipped up for a change of command ceremony for her husband, who is a commander in the National Guard at Walter Reed Battle Company. They were such a hit at the ceremony, it was not long after that Wilson decided to make the bakery a full-time gig—and convinced Emily to join.

Now, six months in to their new endeavor, I met Tamara and Emily when they were kind enough to donate 200 cake pops to my Valentine’s Day trip to Walter Reed. As a military wife, Tamara valued our cause of helping wounded soldiers and was happy to assist.

Photo credit: Alexandria Cake Pop

Between munching on delicious chocolate truffle and red velvet cake pops, I asked the girls why cakepops beat out the cupcake as the best dessert around. Here’s what they said:

(1) For starters, they last a lot longer—because of the way they’re baked and they’re wrapped in cellophane. Cakepops last 7-10 days at room temperature and taste just as fresh as the day you bake them.

(2) They’re less messy. They stay on the stick and don’t crumble off. (Truth)

(3) They’re great party favors—you can eat them now or later.

(4) They’re smaller than a cupcake (and less calories), but equally as rich so you’re just as satisfied.

(5) You can get more creative when decorating a cake pop. Tamara’s favorite design is a moustache, which you can take pictures with at events. Meanwhile, Emily loves the sushi cakepops—which look exactly like sushi but happen to be dessert.

Photo credit: Alexandria Cake Pop

While the girls don’t yet have a brick and mortar location, they’ve been very busy whipping up their treats for parties and events. You can order cakepops by the dozen on their website for $29.99 with a $10 delivery charge. They also ship anywhere in the country. Come spring, you can find them in the Old Town Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.

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