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I always look forward to weekends when Shruti and I are both in New York. Of course, we share a love of brunch, but also of cocktails and activities. As we were both in town for President’s Day weekend, we chose to plan a day of brunch, a museum visit, some shopping, and cocktail sampling around town. It’s good to have Bitches who share your interests, energy levels, and enthusiasm for exploring your city.

We chose to begin with brunch at Cookshop, a brunch staple in Chelsea, before strolling down the High Line to visit the Whitney. The restaurant was packed, but the team was incredibly accommodating—seating us and then happily moving us to a better table with lighting. (Gotta get the good Instagrams!)

We began with coffee—latte and a cappuccino, respectively. Like most restaurants these days, Cookshop offers dairy-free options and my almond milk latte was delightful.


As we’re Bitches, it’s a rule that we order the doughnuts, or in this case, the beignets. These beignets were served with ricotta, pumpkin puree, and a pumpkin seed brittle. The beignets were large, hot, and fluffy. The pumpkin was a nice touch, but it could have been a bit sweeter and added a bit more flavor.


On a last minute change, I swapped out the sticky bun for the gluten-free chocolate bread, curious to see what it was like. I’m sure the sticky bun would have been delicious, but I like to see if—and how—restaurants make gluten-free pastries taste. While not particularly photogenic, the double chocolate breakfast bread was moist and flavorful, but a bit dry on the outside. It would be nice if they served it with butter or some sort of spread.


We also ordered the seasonal fruit, after assessing the details on the menu. Like true Bitches, we loathe melon—and hate it when cantaloupe and honeydew overtake a fruit plate. Cookshop disclosed the full list of fruits in the plate —bonus points for transparency and a gold star for a dish sans melon. The bowl was beautifully presented and filled with fresh chopped apples, chopped pears, pomegranate seeds, and rounds of oranges and grapefruits. The grapefruit was particularly flavorful and we loved the added texture from the pomegranate seeds.


The service was pleasant, effective and efficient—just how we like it. The space was packed, but Cookshop clearly knows how to handle a crowd.


I chose the oven-baked eggs, substituting a side of potatoes for the walnut-raisin toast. While not particularly inventive, the oven-baked eggs were delicious. Three, fried sunny side up eggs in an enormous skillet with Sullivan county bacon. It was simple and clean—but with a little salt and pepper and a dump of the potatoes into the dish, it became utterly delicious.


Shruti went with the falafel sandwich with fresh mint, cilantro and cabbage. The overflowing greens were dressed in a spicy green charmoula and wrapped in housemade naan. The sandwich was incredibly satisfying, but a little on the saltier side than one would have hoped. The spicy harissa on the side was a delight for dipping. She would certainly order this again.


The Bitches say: A. A great, reliable and delicious brunch spot in Chelsea. The spot is busy and buzzing—but the service is not compromised. We loved the diverse dining options for vegetarians, gluten-free, health-conscious and #treatyoself types.

Cookshop serves brunch Saturdays and Sundays starting at 10 a.m.

Cori Sue

Co-Founder, Pro Bruncher

The co-founder of Bitches Who Brunch, Cori Sue loves brand strategy, social media, red wine, and pink lipstick.

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