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Change is scary. But here’s why our new site design isn’t scary. Trust us; it’s actually what you’ve been asking us for. And we listened …

Every week, no joke, we get a mailbox full of emails, tweets, Facebook messages and general harassment loving inquiries as to where to brunch. “My sister is in town from New York and wants a brunch where we can sit outside with her child.” “I have a brunch date and I want to impress her but not go overboard.” “I only brunch with my dog and I want an obscure type of Asian food.”

OK, that last one was a joke. But seriously, if we could spend our days and nights answering every single one of your brunch recommendation requests, we would.

Unfortunately, we’re busy Bitches and simply can’t do that. So, we invested nearly most of 2012 in designing this fabulous new site that—and I will quote my dear friend Brooke here—“OHMYGOD IT HAS A BRUNCH SEARCH THINGY!!!”

Yes, we made a brunch search thingy.

You can find it when you click on “Bitchtastic Brunches” at the top of the site.

Now you can search for that bottomless brunch that is inexpensive, in the U Street area and, oh yeah, is Bitch approved. Or you can just search for a good patio brunch on a Saturday that has a good grade. Or if you want a bit of jazz with your waffles, hey, you can search for that too. Whatever your fancy.

Cheers to that.


Our second most popular category of posts, the Lust Lists, are all neatly organized in the “Fashion” section of the site. You can find what’s most recent, or sort by Shoes & Accessories, Office Outfits, or Fancy Frocks and Party Pieces.

The District Divas come out in the “Lifestyle” section of the site, where we will feature Bitches in the Kitchen recipes, event recaps, “Arty Pants” stuff like theater and exhibit reviews, plus Cupcake Queens– reflecting when Cori Sue ate her way through every cupcakery in Washington.

Also, you can plan your week on Monday of every week with our “This Week” list of events, which you can get to from the top right box on the homepage (the “This Week” box is also on the right rail of every page of the site).

But best of all, you can now read and search Bitches on your mobile phone or iPad (it adjusts to the viewing medium). We know how much it royally sucked trying to find a brunch on your iPhone.

This site is for you, dearest readers, so that you can find what you want, when you want it. We want to know how it’s working for you and how we can make it better. So, we’re doing a little survey (click here). It’s just 10 simple questions, and your feedback will help us make it better. Or, if you just want to tell us how awesome it is, we’d love that too.

Taking the survey also enters you into a sweepstakes to win a bunch of great stuff, including gift cards to Policy and Station 4 for brunch, fresh lobster sent to you from, plus a gift card to our favorite Georgetown boutique, Urban Chic.

We do have to thank a few people for helping us make this new site launch happen. First and foremost, the very brilliant Laura Hahn and the team at MYHQ. We tortured her with endless updates, changing our mind constantly and tweaking things for months. Months, people–talk about being Bitchy.

But most of all, we want to thank our partners; the local businesses who have supported the Bitching for over two years now. Special thanks to Policy, Urban Chic, Station 4, and They’ve supported us, and helped us to make this site better and more useful, so we hope you’ll bring the love back to them, too.

Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!


Becca & Cori Sue

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  1. So far, I’m sad to say that I’m finding the new design quite dreadful. Can you please bring back the previous feature of the old site that had the blog entries at least listed in chronological order. Today I just wanted to read the latest entries since my last minute, and I had to scan all of the thumbnails on the homepage, which were from all different months and not in order. Frustrating.

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