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Cashion’s Eat Place Brunch

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My boyfriend is a man’s man. A football-watching, Irish-bar-drinking, crab-crushing beast.

So when I convinced him to go to his very first Broadway musical—”Third row seats!” I squealed—to watch 20 men dance and sing around the Book of Mormon stage, I knew a little pre-show inebriation was probably necessary.

It was a Saturday afternoon matinee, which made for a perfect day date: boozy bottomless brunch + Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center + nap = awesome Saturday with your man.

(To be fair, I totally snagged this date idea from Stephanie, my lovely God Sister, who had just done the same with her hubby the previous weekend.)

Cashion's Eat Place Brunch

The bottomless brunch we chose was Cashion’s Eat Place in Adams Morgan. Even though I had brunched there before, many moons ago, the fantastic owner Justin had sent me a note about their new brunch menu and (gasp!) their incredible bottomless deal that is just on Saturdays. Perfect.

We cabbed up to AdMo and met up with Saro and his boyfriend, Dan, who were already in on the drinks. The great thing about this $15 bottomless is it’s not just mimosas and Bloody Marys, the restaurant’s bar also serves up an endless number of that day’s signature cocktail. For Saro’s Saturday it was the Sue. Happy Saro!

Cashion's Eat Place Brunch

Nearly immediately after the cocktails arrived, we were served a plate of piping hot doughnut holes. The cinnamon-sugar balls melted in your mouth—a little pre-brunch dessert to get started, alongside a tasty cocktail.

Cashion's Eat Place Brunch

The brunch menu is new, and has all the classics, but with a focus on fresh ingredients, especially seafood. There are oysters and a crispy bluefish sandwich, for instance. But if you’re there for eggs and bacon, those are readily available, too.

Saro snagged the Eggs Benedict, much to my chagrin. I was really eying it, but alas, I give my Bitches first dibs on the menu. I did ask for a large bite, though. And it was superb. Honestly, one of the best Benedicts I’ve tried in the District.

The Old Bay Hollandaise was absolutely excellent, and the Benny was loaded with just enough crab meat. We learned later from Justin, the owner, that the crab meat Benny was a test that day. Typically it’s loaded with prosciutto.

Cashion's Eat Place Brunch

On the side of every dish there are local mixed greens topped with a refreshing vinaigrette. Very healthy.

I ordered the shrimp and grits, which had a shockingly spicy kick (all the more need for those bottomless drinks). The Gulf shrimp were sitting in glorious Anson Mills jalapeno grits along with slices of Andouille sausage. Also in the mix, Zucchini and bits of tomato and peppers. A really fabulous dish—especially if you like ‘em spicy.

My boyfriend, being a man’s man, decided the Croque Madame sounded tasty but was too girly to order, so he went for the burger. The Piedmont Ridge Beef Burger, that is.

It was an incredible display. Open on a bioche bun with Milky Way Saturn Swiss—yes, you read that right, Milky Way cheese, people—and red onion, tomato, and slices of homemade pickle. The meat was cooked perfectly and the entire thing was delicious, juicy heaven.

Cashion's Eat Place Brunch

Saro’s boyfriend, Dan, ordered the requisite standard eggs-and-sausage breakfast—though this was no Denny’s meal. It came piled with meat and Berry Meade eggs. You can choose applewood bacon, chicken sausage, or sammy’s scrapple. But the very best part of this dish was the crushed rosemary potatoes on the side. Everything tasted fresh and well-cooked. Perfect for a hangover.

Cashion's Eat Place Brunch

We kept eying a particular immaculate dish that continued to be served from the kitchen. What is that? We asked our server. The French Toast. We decided to share it for dessert.

The dish looks nothing like a typical French toast plate. Instead, it was three big stacks of crumbly hot bread, each with a dollop of butter and a sprinkle of powered sugar. On the plate, a few raspberries were scattered. It was extremely tasty, but it lacked syrup.

We mentioned this to Justin. He immediately apologized and said it was supposed to come out with a big cup of Tennessee Sorghum syrup so you can add as much as your heart desires, but this one for some reason didn’t. With that cup of syrup I know this French toast would have been just perfect.

Cashion's Eat Place Brunch

The Bitches say: A+ for a delicious, diverse brunch menu with fresh ingredients and well-thought-out preparation. Plus, a Saturday bottomless deal that can’t be beat.

Cashion’s Eat Place
1819 Columbia Road N.W.
Washington D.C.
(202) 797-1819

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  1. My friends and I went to this place based on a BWB recommendation. None of us had EVER been to a brunch place like this. After 45 minutes of waiting for our entrees, we walked down the street to the Wells Fargo 1/2 a block down to get cash to pay for our drinks since the food never showed. BWB has lost my respect since then, and I now assume any of their recommendations are paid. Ladies in DC with honest reviews, we need you!

  2. Hi Elle,
    This review was not paid. None of our reviews are paid, and if the meal is complimentary—it is disclosed per our editorial policies.

    This brunch was not complimentary.

    The issue, in fact, is that this review was written several years ago. Cashion’s has since changed ownership—after fallings out between the owners and the chef.

    When we reviewed the brunch, it was owned and operated by different people than when you went. As you might imagine, that changes a place notably.

    A simple Google search might have allowed you to find that.

    Here’s a link:

    We do our best to periodically re-review and update spots as often as we can, given our small staff and limited resources.

    Sorry to hear your brunch was bad– we hate it when that happens!

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