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Casa Oaxaca Brunch

Adams Morgan
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An update from the Bitches: Casa Oaxaca is now closed. 

I love Mexican food so much I’ll eat it pretty much anywhere – from local dives (the wonderful La Lomita in Capitol Hill) to nothing-to-rave-about franchises (bring on the Cisco cheese, Alero).

When we walked into Casa Oaxaca on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I was prepared to like it. And, indeed, everyone in our group had a delightful experience. Even those among us who don’t identify the burrito as their spirit animal.

The bottomless brunch at Casa Oaxaca is bottomless in every sense: both booze and food. The Adams Morgan hole-in-the-wall was mostly empty when we arrived, aside from a table of brunchers in the back. Guess making reservations was overkill. They sat us in a cozy booth and the World Cup was being projected onto a screen behind us. Nice touch, even if no one was really paying attention.

First thing’s first: booze. There are essentially five options, and you can mix it up all you want. There are mimosas (orange or guava), sangria (red or white), and the Bloody Maria Michelada (beer with tomato juice and spices). For the most part, the drinks were solid: the mimosas were fine, no big whoop, although the guava option is a really nice touch; and the sangria was yummy, if a bit on the sweet side.

Casa Oaxaca Brunch

The only dud was the Bloody, which we roundly panned by everyone who had it. Served with your choice of one of a bajillion Mexican beers the waiter listed, the final result was sour and bitter. Luckily, they gave us the rest of the bottled beer bottle with the drink, so it wasn’t a complete wash.

We ordered several appetizers to share, which came in individual-sized portions. But you can order as many as you want; the only thing holding you back is your own sense of shame. The biggest hit was the sopecitos (corn tarts with refried black beans and queso fresco; your choice of chicken or chorizo) which were devoured within seconds.

Casa Oaxaca Brunch

A close second was the avocado toast (bollillo bread with creamy avocado butter and bacon). Our waiter kindly held the bacon on one order for our uncommonly non-pork-eating table. The Nopales nachos were just okay; they came with pico de gallo and black beans and were covered with a gooey cheese sauce. I’m generally not a fan of gooey cheese sauces, but this was a bit higher quality, if you can imagine that.

There was also granola with pepitas and agave nectar. Which I’m sure was delicious, but I don’t think anyone actually considered it. Poor granola, you’ll find love someday!

Casa Oaxaca Brunch

When it came to main courses, all of the entrees got the thumbs up: my boyfriend and I both got the enfriojladas (basically egg enchiladas) which were rich, tasty and well-portioned. The chilaquiles con huevo was also well received – bathed in a rich sauce, the meal also came with a substantially sized skirt steak. I’m not a huge red meat eater, but the steak looked amazing and by all reports tasted just as good.

Casa Oaxaca Brunch

Bruncher Brooke gave the huevos Oaxaquenos her enthusiastic seal of approval. Basically a Mexican eggs benedict, the meal came with either fruit or a potato hash. When asked which she preferred, Brooke offered a sideways smirk and asked, “Since it’s bottomless can I have both?” The waiter obliged. Unfortunately, the fruit was a misfire – a sad, anemic bowl of wet melon and pale grapes with a glistening glob of cottage cheese.

Casa Oaxaca Brunch

Becca said her breakfast burrito needed more chorizo (sheesh, lady!) and that it was a bit lukewarm. Another burrito came out plenty hot, so perhaps it was left out too long as the other dishes were being finished?

There was also a kids menu (taquitos, quesadillas and flautas) that looked pretty delicious. A couple of us were tempted to order from it. But we held back. Because we’re grown-ass adults getting drunk on Sunday morning.

Casa Oaxaca Brunch

A big plus about our brunch experience: the service was outstanding. Our waiter was friendly, patient, and incredibly accommodating. We were never left wanting for refills and when one of our party had to arrive very late, he didn’t make a fuss about her ordering off the regular menu (not rigidly adhering to the “everyone has to get bottomless at the table” rule). A+ for service.

At $30 for unlimited food and drink, the brunch at Casa Oaxaca is among the best deals around.

Casa Oaxaca Brunch

The Bitches say: A-. Even if a couple of options didn’t fully deliver, this brunch provides a great value and top-notch service for food that is consistently delicious.

Casa Oaxaca
2106 18th St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20009

Casa Oaxaca serves brunch on Sundays.

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