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We Bitches are constantly yearning for better bagel options here in the nation’s capital. And we can’t just rely on Bullfrog Bagels or spontaneous trips to New York to feed the need.

As such, we were thrilled to hear that the team behind Timber Pizza Co. would be opening a self-proclaimed “Jew-ish” deli on Georgia Avenue. Daunted by the long lines I’ve seen on social media on the weekends, I ventured up there before work on a Thursday. The deli is not yet open Monday and Tuesdays, so don’t count on brunch every day of the week.

Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother mixes an old-school New York deli aesthetic with pink and blue, Miami Vice vibes. As such, the walls are lined with both family photos and the occasional snap of Drake. Customers can sit back and relax in rocking chairs while they wait for their order. And a large greenery-lined outdoor patio is both family- and dog-friendly for your weekend outings.

The Timber Pizza team has been testing its goods at the Dupont Farmers Market for months. These wood-fired bagels are chewy, but not too dense, and have a fantastic seasoning-to-roll ratio (read: it was all over). We’d classify these as somewhere between New York and Montreal-style bagels. Perhaps Call Your Mother is staking its claim to a new wave of bagel varietal — D.C. style.

The menu boasts several mouth-watering options for bagel sandwiches. The Shyne is a fan favorite, with bacon, bodega-style egg, cheese, and spicy honey on an everything bagel. Quite simply, it’s the perfect hangover cure. You’re never going to want a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich without spicy honey again. That hint of sweetness elevates every bite.

Call Your Mother

Another popular choice is the Rihanna-Flex, inspired by the songstress herself. Lox lovers, this one is for you. An everything bagel squeezes in cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumbers, tomato, onion, and capers. The smoked salmon is sourced from the fishmongers at Ivy City Smokehouse (another under-the-radar brunch spot we love). It has a great savory texture to it.

Call Your Mother also offers a variety of lunch sandwiches and Jewish deli staples, like whitefish salad, latkes, and matzo ball soup. You can also grab a hot coffee, smooth chai latte, or other caffeinated options to complete your meal. You’ll be glad you did—as it’ll help stave off that most-sandwich slump.

Call Your Mother

The Bitches Say: A. Call Your Mother lives up to its name. You’re going to want to ring Mom immediately and tell her about the best new bagel spot in town.


Call Your Mother Deli  is open Tuesday-Sunday from 8a.m.-2p.m.  



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