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I work out almost every day. I love feeling strong and accomplished, and I get a thrill from needing to wipe sweat from my body. It is tough for me to slow down, take deep breaths, and focus on each movement rather than the number of overhead presses I can complete in a set amount of time.

I had the experience of visiting C2 Pilates in South Boston after an extremely long day of work. I have been training for a half marathon and have been in the need of a low impact workout. C2 is located in an industrial space. There are two separate rooms with large, bright windows. The glossy wood floors contrast with the white brick walls, and my classroom for the evening had nine reformers.

C2 body

The class was taught by Carolyn, one of the co-owners. We chatted before class about my experience (or rather, lack of experience) with Pilates, and she emphasized the importance of connecting my breath with every movement. I was glad she brought this up because even after this conversation, she still had to remind me repeatedly during class. Carolyn has been a co-owner of the studio for 20 years, an amazing milestone and accomplishment. I could not help but to think about all of the fads and trends in the fitness world over the last five years… never mind 20 years! It is inspirational to see a studio keep its focus for two decades.

C2 body

I set up at a reformer, put my barre socks on, and rolled out before class started. I was eager to get moving but took a couple of moments to relax while gentle music played in the background. When class was about to start, Carolyn walked in and had us set up in our first position. It took me a couple of counts to get comfortable with each move – and I was probably overthinking everything – but I was happy to receive adjustments and modifications when needed. The reformer has plenty of attachments, and we also utilized a couple of straps, the bar, some added props.

C2 body

The class was challenging, relaxing, and a refreshing change of pace from the high impact classes I usually frequent. I completely trusted Carolyn to shift my body and tried my hardest to follow her lead when she gave instruction to breathe out and breathe in.  The studio was spotless, and I could tell that equipment upkeep and maintenance was a priority. I left feeling like I received a full-body stretch in addition to the burn I felt in some areas of my core that clearly need some attention.

C2 body

In addition to Pilates, C2 offers barre, TRX, and yoga classes. I have been to a BeatBarre class and although it is not as intimidating as a reformer class, the difficulty level is there. The BeatBarre class was instructed by Tricia, and as she gracefully demonstrated a variety of pulses and one-inch movements, I struggled to work through each section. The music is upbeat and modifications are offered! This low-impact workout challenged me in a different way, and is another great offering from C2. I will be trying a TRX class next!

Prices at C2 vary depending on the class. Reformer classes will always be more expensive than other class styles due to the extensive training and equipment that is used during class. Introductory packages start at $109 and the unlimited package -including reformer – is $239 per month. C2 is on ClassPass, so if you are a member and are interested in trying them out, sign up through there!

The Bitches say: five sweat drops

C2 Body brings 20 years of pilates experience to Boston in a bright, welcoming industrial space.


Kayla Mills

Boston Fitness & Food Editor

If she is not filling her week with solo dates to the gym you can bet she is trying out a new boutique fitness class, listening to a podcast or shopping (for food or fashion). Kayla is a 5 time Whole30 veteran and Moscow Mule drinker who will sing almost any Destiny's Child song at karaoke as long as she can be Beyoncé.

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