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Blue Door Farm Stand Brunch

When Blue Door Farm Stand invited me to try their farm-to-table brunch, I was not expecting the major French countryside vibes that I got from the space. With a welcoming white and blue facade and colorful window boxes; it literally felt like a scene out of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Blue Door Farm Stand 1

Inside was just as adorable, with rustic iron chandeliers and wooden beams stretching across the ceiling. The walls were lined with landscape and floral pictures in window pane frames. The decor continued upstairs, with tables for two and four filling both floors along with a couple of longer tables for groups. My boyfriend, Alex, decidedly dubbed the place, “very quaint” and the throwback Whitney Houston playing in the background won me over.

Blue Door Farm Stand 4

The restaurant was relatively empty when we arrived around 11 a.m., but it quickly filled with young families, brunch dates, and friends catching up. Alex started with his morning coffee, which was fine, but came in a small mug (continuing the “very quaint” theme) that required several refills.The mimosas at Blue Door Farm Stand come with a few juice options: cranberry, orange, or grapefruit. I stuck with the classic orange juice base and they delivered a beverage with close to a 50/50 split of juice and bubbly. I think we’ve all seen the memes, a mimosa should be mostly bubbly with a splash of juice. Alex made the better beverage choice with the “up a notch” sangria, with a red wine and bourbon base that packs a punch. It didn’t taste super boozy and included some blueberries in the glass to dress it up. We loved this one.

Blue Door Farm Stand 6

Blue Door Farm Stand touts a farm-to-table seasonal menu, with a chalkboard map of the Midwestern farms they work with conveniently located on the wall heading up to the second floor. They offer a rotating selection of baked goods based on what’s in season, so Alex and I started with their offering of the day: a jalapeño and cheddar scone. It was a little chewy but tasted great, especially with the berry jam; we really enjoyed the kick of spice from the jalapeño!


After initially bringing us the wrong order, our waiter delivered Alex his steak and eggs special. He loved the crispiness of the potatoes and while they didn’t fully render the fat, the steak was delicious and cooked to a perfect medium. The chimichurri on top of the steak was a nice touch as well.

Blue Door Farm Stand 10

I ordered the bell pepper and bacon Benedict and let me tell you, this dish is smothered in peppers and onion. Any angle I took a picture from only showed eggs on top of peppers and onions. I couldn’t find the bacon at first and had to do some digging. The eggs, however, were excellently poached. This is a great dish if you love vegetables and an added sweetness from the peppers.


The Bitches say: Three Champagne Flutes!

The Blue Door Farm Stand is a great place to catch up with friends, but their food needs to step up to meet the quality of their beautiful decor. 

Blue Door Farm Stand serves brunch every Saturday and Sunday, starting at 9 a.m.

Katlin Gnojek

Chicago Food Editor

A management consultant from 9 to 5, Katlin loves marketing, Champagne, and a killer pair of shoes. When she is not working, you can find her unwinding over brunch, at a BodyPump class, or baking to her heart's content at home. Katlin will never turn down a chocolate croissant.

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