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Bitch at Us: Nuvee Netayavichitr of The Pig

We Bitches obviously love all things brunch–and what is brunch without bacon? Pigs will fly when we go anywhere else for the freshest and most delicious bacon in D.C. than The Pig on 14th Street.

We sat down with Nuvee Netayavichitr–the newly crowned Chef de Cuisine at The Pig–to talk about his passion for whole animal, sustainable cooking as well as his love for bacon and chocolate, his pastry chef fiancée, and the upcoming Wine and Swine event.

The restaurant from the EatWellDC group sources local ingredients for all its restaurants (The Pig, Commissary, Grillfish, Logan Tavern, and coming in October–The Bird) from farms in Maryland and Virginia for the freshest fare. Here’s what Nuvee has to say.

What’s your culinary background and how did you end up at The Pig?

I started cooking in 1998. I didn’t have any formal training and I didn’t go to a culinary school. I ended up in hotels and worked at all three local Ritz-Carltons and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. I also spent time working at Sonoma Wine Bar. I jumped around a lot and had exposure to many different experiences.

Eventually, I wanted to leave hotels and take on a new challenge. My fiancée, Audrey, worked at The Pig, so I thought it would be a great experience to work with her and try my hand at whole animal cooking.


How did you meet your fiancée? Do you two cook together at home?

No! We love take-out–UberEats is a God send. We’re too busy to enjoy cooking at home, unfortunately.

Have you always been interested in unique cooking methods?

Yes. After I had worked in hotels for so many years I wanted a change and had always been interested in trying out a farm-to-table establishment as well as whole animal cooking.

Where do you find your culinary inspiration?

From art, from nature. Pretty much just life experiences. I enjoy learning and experiencing different cultures and foods. We have a diverse team of talented people here and different people bring different things to the table. We all learn from each other and everyone contributes something unique from their past.

Tell us about The Pig’s commitment to using local and healthy ingredients.

Ninety percent of the produce we use is organic. We get deliveries from a farmers co-op and produce from our farm twice a week. Even the majority of our wine list is sustainable! We buy two to three whole pigs (over 200 pounds each) from farmers in Virginia and Maryland and utilize every part of the animal from feet to tail to snout–which is a ton of work, but completely worth it.

The Pig Tasting Dinner8

What’s your favorite dish on the menu?

The face bacon is definitely one of my favorites. It was created by the Executive Chef Michael Bonk.

What makes The Pig a unique dining experience?

Our commitment to using the whole animal. We use everything from nose to tail. We’re all dedicated to making every part of the animal as visually appealing and as appetizing as possible.


The Pig does bacon like no other. How do you like your bacon? What’s your favorite use of bacon at The Pig?

My favorite use of bacon is when it’s combined with chocolate. I’m a chocolate addict. My fiancée, Audrey, once made a candied bacon chocolate bar which I thoroughly enjoyed.
BWB 199

In your opinion, what’s the tastiest part of the Pig (from nose to tail)?

The head of the pig has so many types of meat on it and so many different textures to experiment with which is very challenging and exciting. We actually sell roasted pig heads, which sell surprisingly well!

Tell us about the upcoming Wine and Swine event, why should people mark their calendars?

I’m very excited because we just came out with a new wine list and I’ve created lots of pairing dishes made for people who like to push themselves to try new things. It’ll be my first big event here. I’m putting everything I have into it and it will hopefully make people happy. I want to showcase the different parts of the pig and how good everything tastes. I love discovering what’s possible and utilizing everything.

Bloody Marys or mimosas?

Neither. Sangria.

Brunch in or out?

Definitely out.

What’s your favorite brunch item to make and eat?


If you could invite five people to brunch, who would they be?

My answer’s kind of boring… it would be my family because I never get to see them. I just work so much!


BitchBiz: Bitches Who Brunch partners with EatWellDC. While this article was written independently by Bitches Who Brunch, we do receive compensation from those companies.



Tess enjoys all things D.C. and food related. You can find her pursing a marketing career during the week while brunching and boozing all weekend. Will work for truffle potato chips.

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