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Batter and Berries Brunch

Batter and Berries is a brunch staple here in Chicago. When asking friends for recommendations on places to review, Batter and Berries is often the suggestion. So, when I needed a weekday brunch spot for my college bestie, Sarah, and I to go to, I turned to this trusty recommendation.

Batter and Berries is a tiny diner-style restaurant that has become a popular local favorite and is always brimming with people. Literally, it’s always full. Sarah and I arrived around 11 a.m. on a Friday and were shocked by the amount of people in the restaurant. It was wall-to-wall people and there was a waitlist to be seated. I was stunned! It’s a weekday—do you people not have jobs? I mean, brunching is my job, so that’s my excuse.

Batterandberries1  After placing ourselves on the 25 minute wait list, Sarah and I stepped outside with the others waiting to be seated. Thankfully, we only waited about 15 minutes until we were seated. Still, for a place to have a waitlist on a weekday must mean that the restaurant is something special. We were brought in and seated at the community table in the center of the restaurant. Normally, I would have been annoyed by this but I was so hungry, I didn’t even care! Plus, the family at our shared e table with was adorable! They were so friendly and offered their suggestions for what to get since neither of us had been there before. I just love Chicago and its Midwestern charm.   battersandberries7

Our waitress came to our tiny corner of the table and highlighted the specials that were being offered that week. The specials change every week, depending on seasonal availability, which makes it great for people like me who always pick the same thing on the menu to step outside the box and try something new.

Sarah and I both knew that coffee was necessary, especially for Sarah. She is a nurse and had just worked an overnight shift in Indianapolis before driving to Chicago for Halloween weekend. What a trooper! I would have passed out by then, for sure. We each ordered a hot coffee, which was a nice, balanced blend. I really enjoyed the cup and it was refilled regularly, which I know Sarah especially appreciated.

Sarah and I both decided that trying specials was necessary, and we also agreed to split one entree that was a menu staple.

batterandberries2  To split, we chose the Super Flight, five different slices of French toast: lemon, pumpkin, caramel, strawberry, and blueberry. WOW! Ok, the lemon was our favorite hands down. It tasted like lemon pound cake—it was lemony and sweet without being overbearing. The caramel was a close second for me. It had candied walnuts and caramel sauce and butter on top. It was incredibly sweet and to be honest, one slice was just enough. If I had just a plate of caramel French toast, it would have been too much but one slice was perfect.   battersandberries3

The pumpkin French toast slice was a seasonal treat for the Super Flight, and was very good at well. This slice wasn’t as dense as the other and had pie crust crumbled on top. Both Sarah and I agree the crumbled pie crust was weird—it was a dry addition to add and didn’t add much at all. The strawberry slice was more along the lines of a ‘classic’ French toast in terms of flavor and it’s cakey texture. And the blueberry, well, we could have done without it. It was muddled and ‘muddy’ in our opinion and appeared to be a bit of an afterthought when it came to the entire dish.

battersandberries5  For Sarah, her entree choice was the crab omelette with squash and hashbrowns on the side. Needless to say she was very happy with her choice—it stuffed full with crab meat and was delicious. The squash added a nice texture and color to the dish and the hashbrowns had melted cheese in it. Basically, it was all amazing.   battersandberries4

I opted for the lobster Eggs Benedict. I know, shocking. Ever since this job, I think I’ve had more lobster eggs Bennys than I can count. What was interesting about this Eggs Benedict in particular is that there was no muffin on the bottom. It was simply a patty of lobster meat, which I really liked! The poached eggs were perfectly poached and the Hollandaise sauce was delicious. I also had a side of hash browns with melted cheese with this dish— and I ate every bite of them..


The Bitches say: A. When you’re looking for a lot of choices, friendly staff, and endless food specials in a casual, family friendly place, look no further! Batter and Berries has become a Chicago breakfast staple and it absolutely lived up to the hype.

Batter and Berries
2748 N Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL

Batter and Berries serves brunch everyday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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