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Barry’s Bootcamp

What’s all the Barry’s Bootcamp fuss about? I popped into the 7:40 class to see for myself. This international boutique fitness studio has gained the praises of celebs like Kim Kardashian West and Jessica Biel for its military style classes and impressive results– I am constantly seeing Instagram influencers crediting Barry’s for their sculpted bods.

Barry's Bootcamp 1

Located steps from the DuPont Circle metro stop, Barry’s is incredibly easy to access and simple to find with its bright red sign. The studio lobby is ultra-modern and aligns with the image of other boutique fitness studios in the area. Upon entering, the front desk staff checks you in and then gives a quick run through of how to use the control panel on the treadmill. Before class starts you can place an order for a “Skinny B*tch” or “Lemonade Lipo” at the smoothie “Fuel Bar” ready for pickup after class.

Barry's Bootcamp 5

The locker rooms are spacious and offer plenty of room to change and get ready for class. Four showers stocked with Oribe hair products are adjacent to a wall of mirrors perfect for getting ready before heading to work. Combination lockers with charge cords are available both inside and outside the locker room. If your shirt is too sweaty after class, you can pick up some great branded Nike merch in the front of the studio.

Barry's Bootcamp 3

Prior to class, Stephen – our instructor – called in all first timers to the “red room” to quickly walk through the studio setup, the flow of class, and protocol for using the benches. The studio is divided into two parts: treadmills and weight benches. When you sign up, you are able to choose if you would like to start on the floor or the treadmill. Based on class distribution, it seems like starting on the treadmill is the favored option.

I started on the floor and found some eight pound weights to use for the first round of exercise. We began by doing some small stretches and then cycled through a series of weighted squats, lunges, and planks. After ten minutes, we switched over to the treadmills, where we started with a warm up walk then progressed to a jog, run, then sprint. Throughout the treadmill portion, Stephen told us the speed range we should aim for, which was helpful but I modified for my own slow speed.

Barry's Bootcamp 4

After a round on the treadmill we switched back to the benches for some weighted ab work then back to the treadmill for some incline work. One final round of weights and treadmill rounded out the class. Throughout class, it was apparent that other attendees were modifying for their own level of physical fitness by moving slower on the treadmill or using lighter weights. The workout can be tailored to your physical fitness level and is a no judgement zone. Stephen was helpful throughout class but not overpowering. He corrected form during weight lifts and encouraged speed during sprinting but thankfully did not live up to the “drill instructor” vision I had created.

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Finally, we went through a series of cool down stretches following the typical recipe of relaxed music, lowered lights and slow movements. After class, Stephen gave each of us a high five and a cold towel and we were free to go. The class was invigorating and great for those who like running. Even for someone who hasn’t run since the high school track team, the class was an enjoyable challenge. While it might seem repetitive, there is the opportunity for growth and challenge each visit!

Barry's Bootcamp 7

Barry’s Bootcamp is located across the country in cities including LA, New York, Chicago, Dallas and many more. A single class at Barry’s Bootcamp can be purchased for $34, five classes for $165, ten classes for $300, 20 classes for $580, or 50 classes for $1,360. Barry’s Bootcamp is currently available on ClassPass for varying levels of credits depending on day of week and time of day.

The Bitches Say: Four Sweat drops

We can understand the Barry’s hype. This club-like workout is perfect for running away from problems or towards fitness goals!

Kaitlyn Sheehy

DC Fitness & Lifestyle Editor

Catch her bopping to a themed spin ride, sipping a cocktail at the newest bar or searching for the next flight to somewhere exotic. Kaitlyn spends her weekdays working in the PR world and battles office chair fatigue by looking for the hottest new fitness studios from barre to boxing.

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