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Bar Pilar Brunch II

As y’all may know, I’m a 14th Street resident, and I consider myself quite fortunate to live in a part of town filled with great restaurants and new spots opening up regularly.

I’ve brunched at Bar Pilar before—and as a Hemingway fanatic, lover of Spanish cuisine and wine bar aficionado, I am obviously a fan. On our first brunch at Bar Pilar, we found brunch to be delicious, affordable, greasy comfort food, and awarded a B+.


I apologize for spoiling the conclusion to the story, but, on the second experience, we found brunch to be delicious, affordable, greasy comfort food, and awarded it a B. Déjà vous much?

It seems little has changed at Bar Pilar; the menu certainly hasn’t. I have yet to try the noteworthy dish on the menu: the hangover cure, a massive bowl filled with biscuits, sausage, gravy, home fries, cheese eggs, ketchup and Siracha sauce. At the table next to us, all four girls were digging into the hangover cure, which looks like a big bowl of slop, to be honest. But, I have no doubt it could alleviate your morning-after blues.


Last time, I had the pancakes, which I really enjoyed. On this occasion, I opted for the pancake sandwich—hold the bacon—with scrambled eggs sandwiched between two cakes. Bar Pilar makes the best pancakes around—fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside, with just the right amount of grease. Seriously, amazing.

Hoping to carbo load, I also had a side biscuit, which was hard, cold, and flavorless.


I also split a side of mixed greens, which I devoured with astounding speed. The salad was simple, fresh and delicious, probably due to the rich, oily dressing.

Beau opted for the Serrano ham Benedict, served on an English muffin alongside home fries and my side of bacon. He says the ham on the Benny was overpowered by the buttery English muffins and rich Benedict sauce. He also said the potatoes were too greasy.


Apparently, the name of the game was greasy.  He says:

“Overall the food was good but way too oily. This brunch would be perfect to recover from—and prepare for—a full day of drinking, but not a good way to start a productive Sunday. The coffee was really strong, again, appropriate for preparing for a new binge. The bacon was good, but it was too greasy. After eating the bacon, everything else tasted like the bacon grease, from the pancakes to the eggs to the potatoes.”

The Bitches say:  B, a half a letter grade down from last time. After brunching around town, we were less impressed. Pancakes are great, Hangover Cure cures hangovers. Skip the biscuits. Expect grease.

Bar Pilar
1833 14th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 265-1751

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  1. Thanks for the great brunch recommendations…your site was a great resource for me and a friend who were recently looking for a good brunch place after a hard workout… And since we it was a Sunday, the hangover cure hit the spot! we also had the pancakes…both amazing. definitely great brunch place…also like the how the mimosas come in jars!

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