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a Kitchen in Philadelphia

When we walked into a Kitchen, it was clear we had discovered the Philadelphia neighborhood where the yuppies reside. With its open air layout and patio tables, a Kitchen is the place to see-and-be-seen at brunch in Philadelphia. The modern, charming, restaurant had low ceilings and a vibe that was upscale yet unpretentious. The sweet, friendly hostess clearly knew several locals, who came in all ages, from young professionals to the elderly couple beside us sipping cucumber martinis at 11:30 a.m. The restaurant is also dog-friendly—Becca and I sat between couples on either side with a furry pal.

Our waiter was an adorable, friendly guy in his late 20s. He kinda reminded me of an older Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. He was cute, soft-spoken, and attentive.

We ordered our usual of coffee, water, and orange juice each—forgoing alcohol as we were both feeling under the weather. Glancing at the menu repeatedly, we experience a problem: nothing on the menu piqued our interest. We’d both been feeling ill—I had a stomach bug and Becca was just plain ole’ overworked.


The menu at a Kitchen was just too over-the-top, it was more a place to go to experience new things, but not a place to go if you’re hungry, or want something simple. It seemed as if the menu was trying too hard.


We began with the pastry platter, which is different from the bread platter. We were devastated that they were out of chocolate croissants. Instead, we received the rhubarb croissant, which was out-of-this-world delicious. Moist, flakey, sugary layers of croissant with a sweet, rhubarb flavor. The second bread item was a coffee cake crumble, which was fine but I’ve never been one for coffeecake.

Eventually, we decided on our entrees.

Becca had the traditional breakfast with bacon, eggs, and hearty breakfast potatoes. She enjoyed it, but said for some reason it did not hit the spot. She was lackluster about the potatoes, which I thought were quite flavorful


Becca did end up ordering the toast platter, which was some of the best bread we’ve had. Bread is super “in” right now. (How is that possible? It is.)


I selected the shrimp n’ grits, which was served with a light mixed greens salads with thin radish slices. The grits was cold when it arrived, and the shrimp were fried with their heads-and-feet on. It’s fine if you leave the heads on—though it does annoy me. But why fry the shrimp with the peels and feet on? I spent most of my meal picking apart the fried legs of the small shrimps and searching for the right bites. If I wanted peel-and-eat shrimp, I would have ordered them, and I wouldn’t have ordered them fried, as it makes it impossible to tell which parts you should be eating. Additionally, the grits were cold by the time they arrived to my table. Not at all OK.


We loved the ambiance, service, and vibe at this spot. Unfortunately, we struggled a bit with the cuisine on our visit.

The Bitches say: B-. The space was lovely and clearly the place to be scene. Our service was a total doll—but we struggled to find something satisfying on the menu.

a Kitchen
135 S. 18th Street
(Rittenhouse Square)
Philadelphia, Pa.
(215) 825-7030

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Bitch Biz: Bitches Who Brunch were invited by Visit Philly to check out Philadelphia. This brunch was on them.

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