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A Baked Joint Brunch

Cheeky restaurant names may get us the door, but reliable food and a great ambiance keep us coming back.  That’s exactly what happens when you walk into A Baked Joint. The new Mt. Vernon cafe and bakery is the sister restaurant to Baked and Wired, which as any local knows, sells the best cupcakes in D.C. as well as other deliciously addicting homemade baked goods.

When you walk in to A Baked Joint, you immediately sense the clean, modern vibe of the large coffee shop meets bistro. There’s a large counter where you order coffee, food, and wine that’s being prepared right behind the counter in front of you. To the right, you can find the famous “Hippie Crack” (granola) and other bespoke products and swag for sale.

Still sweaty from a SoulCycle class around the corner, we grabbed a menu and jumped in the line that wrapped around the front of the cafe. The dining options are broken down into “all day,” “after 11:30 a.m.” or “p.m.” Seeking some protein in our lives, we opted for the ham and onion quiche and the smoked salmon platter. We also ordered an individual kettle of Matcha tea to share.

Since it was a busy Sunday, we split the ordering and seat-scouting duties. As I stood in line to order, my sister held two sunny seats for us on the corner of the communal table by the window. #teamwerk

Within a few minutes my name was called and I scurried up to the counter to pick up our quiche and smoked salmon platter, delivering them promptly to our table. My sister commented on the service, I told her I was taking tips.

Unfortunately, when they called our name for the Matcha tea, I noticed the green color was very different from the last time I ordered it. Turns out, they mistakenly made a different drink that sounded like Matcha. No big deal. I shuffled back to our table and took a few bites of the salmon platter.

A Baked Joint Brunch

The baguette was the first element of the dish that received praise. It was flaky on the outside, and fluffy, almost hollow on the inside—making it really easy to eat. The salmon was fresh and sliced thinly. The delicate layer of scallion creme cheese (my favorite) was the perfect, smooth accompaniment to the otherwise salty dish. The juicy tomato was wedged between the smoked salmon and bread.  I love tomatoes, but I hear they are not for everyone.

After polishing off my half of the open faced sandwich, I heard “Stephanie!” from a far, and popped over to claim my Matcha tea. As someone who prefers coffee over tea, I fell in love with the presentation of this beverage, which may or may not have impacted my decision to order it. The tea is served on a wooden platter with small, handle-less cups and loose Matcha on top, in case you want to refill with another steep.

A Baked Joint Brunch

My sister, Christina, appreciated the presentation as well, but didn’t much appreciate the taste of Matcha. Since the tea comprises mashed green tea leaves, it’s a far stronger version than your average cup of tea. I swear I can feel my eyes open wider after one cup.

A Baked Joint Brunch

With its buttery, crispy crust, the quiche was delicious. It was served warm, not cold, which we appreciated. It was nice to-go bite for bite with two very different dishes in a relaxed, casual environment. We bused our plates and snagged a bag of hippie crack on our way out.

*Note, contrary to what you’d expect from a coffee shop, A Baked Joint does NOT offer wi-fi, so be prepared to have a hot spot, or befriend someone that looks like they do. 

The Bitches say: B. A solid coffee shop with a substantial menu and delicious homemade baked goods. We’d probably stay even longer if they had wi-fi available.

A Baked Joint
440 K St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001

A Baked Joint serves breakfast seven days a week. 


Former DC Editor in Chief

Steph is the former DC editor in chief and is known for having a good eye, a sharp wit, and an eclectic palate.

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