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Tacos for brunch? More like TACOS FOR BRUNCH! I’m sure there are fanatics out there who have been skipping pancakes and omelets for years, but this is a new brunch practice for me. I don’t know why I never thought of it before! We were invited in to try Yellow Door Taqueria on a Sunday morning, and the colorful and rustic-chic Dorchester staple had a variety of tacos for me to devour. I won’t lie – I was a little apprehensive at first when I did not see any brunch-like items on the menu. But I love tacos, so it didn’t take me long to choose from their menu of 14 options. The menu offers a few other selections like salads, oysters, and elote Mexican street corn – but tacos are clearly the main event here!

Yellow Door 8

My boyfriend and I chose to sit at the bar, and I opted to start my untraditional brunch with a sweet cocktail – the “in bloom.” Richie enjoyed a mandarin jarritos (Mexican soda). The in bloom was really sweet – in a good way!  I enjoyed most of it after my meal, so it acted like more of a dessert. If you like anything strawberry-flavored, try it out for yourself! It’s light and refreshing.

Yellow Door 5

I also tried a coconut margarita because – in my mind – this counted as a serving of fruit to balance out all of the tacos I was about to eat. This margarita was perfect. If I ever need a bartender, I will be hiring Dave solely based on the fact that this coconut margarita is something I have thought about every time I’ve ordered a drink since.

Yellow Door 1

We put in an order of chips and guacamole after looking over at another couple who seemed like they were enjoying theirs. Can you really go wrong with guacamole as an appetizer? This particular house-made dip was so smooth, and I am wondering why Yellow Door doesn’t sell their chips to-go because I need them in my life at all hours. Now, onto the tacos. We ordered six different tacos: duck confit, cauliflower al pastor, carne asada, pork belly, chicken tinga, and short rib. What can I say… I wanted the full experience!

Yellow Door 6

If this were taco Olympics, the gold medal would go to the the duck confit. The taco was hearty, full of flavor, and was topped with plantain strings that gave it an extra crunch. Dave, the bartender, let me know that this was on the top of his list as well, and I am glad I went out of my comfort zone and tried it. The silver medal in this very official taco ranking goes to the chicken tinga. The meat was topped with a fried avocado… yes let the wonder of that sink in. Why haven’t I had fried avocado on any other taco in my 24 years of life? Bronze metal goes to the pork belly taco because the mango salsa was unexpected, but I loved the sweet and savory combo. The carne asada and short rib were good, but didn’t compare to my top three. I was excited about the vegan taco on the menu – cauliflower al pastor – but I’m disappointed to report that it really let me down. This taco was light and the caramelized pineapple gave it a sweet touch. So my tip for vegans who find themselves at Yellow Door is to skip the tacos and fill up on chips and guac.

Yellow Door 9

Yellow Door Taqueria will become my go-to spot for tacos, and honestly tacos might replace my traditional brunch order. You should know that I’m not the only one who has been wowed by the flavors: Yellow Door has been recognized as a “Best of Boston” winner for the “Best Tacos.” If you can’t get here for brunch, enjoy any of the tacos I raved about at any time of the day, and make sure Dave makes you a margarita to go with them!

The Bitches say: four Champagne flutes.

Yellow Door Taqueria has another vote for the best tacos in Boston for brunch, lunch, or dinner!
Yellow Door Taqueria is open Saturday and Sunday starting at 11 a.m.

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