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Wit & Wisdom Brunch at the Four Seasons Baltimore

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Dating a Baltimore boy means I’m in the city fairly often. You better believe I know my way around a Fell’s Point bar crawl, a plate of Kisling’s wings, and, of course, the Baltimore Museum of Art.

So when the Baltimore Four Seasons invited Cori Sue and I for a visit, I was excited to see another side of the city. I was also stunned into silence when Cori Sue, during the car ride north, mumbled that she had never been to Baltimore, aside from its airport.

If you are a Washingtonian, you simply must attempt to venture north at least once to visit our neighbor city. There are a ton of reasons why Baltimore makes a great day trip, or even a weekend getaway, and I have one more for you.

Wit & Wisdom Brunch

We rolled into the Four Seasons, still a bit sleepy, but ready for a full day of pampering. The hotel’s spa and restaurant had invited us for a massage, followed by brunch, which is an offer we cannot refuse (full disclosure, the day was comped).

We got a bit lost looking for the spa, but the kind concierge showed us the route to the fourth floor. Once those elevator doors pinged open, I realized this was going to be good. I can smell a good spa. No really, it’s all about the aromatherapy.

We checked in, decided on a few “add ons” for our pampering, changed in the gorgeous locker room, and settled into our robes in seats that overlooked the Baltimore Harbor. Cori Sue was called to her massage first.

Wit & Wisdom Brunch

When I finally got to my room, I was stunned at the view. The room overlooked the entire Harbor, the wind was moaning against the glass. “Do you want it light or dark?” my masseuse asked. Sad to see that view disappear, but ready for a break from reality, I answered that I prefer darkness.

The treatments were glorious. Probably one of the best massages I’ve had—and I have had quite a few, as I’m plagued with stress knots in my back and shoulders. If a masseuse can find those knots and knead them out, then they’ve won me over. Similarly, as a runner, Cori Sue was thrilled with the relief her IT bands felt after her massage.

Wit & Wisdom Brunch

Afterwards, I laid like a rag doll in the relaxation room, trying to recover my muscle function. And then I decided it was time to explore the “heat” room, which had a waterfall shower, hot tubs, a steam room, and a sauna—choose your method of heat.

The spa was heaven, and I could have stayed all day, but we had a brunch reservation at Michael Mina’s restaurant downstairs, Wit & Wisdom. So we begrudgingly clothed and then floated down to the first floor, still on top of the world from our pampering.

Wit & Wisdom Brunch

We were seated in Wit & Wisdom right next to the window. Another glorious view of the harbor, this time over a mimosa and coffee. The restaurant itself is quite big, with a large bar area, an outdoor patio right on the water, a seating area with couches and an enormous fireplace, and then the dining room.

Wit & Wisdom Brunch

The place was full of couples on dates, baby showers, and birthday brunches. You could tell this is a special occasion brunch spot, but not one that is overly pompous or theatrical—an upscale tavern, which is perfect for Baltimore.

Plus, the service was genuinely kind, another tell-tale that we’re in the Charm City.

Wit & Wisdom Brunch

The weekend brunch offered an artisanal buffet, which we inspected as we walked to our table. It offered mini pancakes, frittatas, fresh salads, and even a place to build your own yogurt parfait. A far cry from D.C.’s $100-a-head Four Seasons buffet, this one is only $32 per person.

But Cori Sue and I, never a fan of buffets, decided to order a la carte. First up, Cori Sue mandated we ordered a basket of biscuits, which came piping hot, much to our delight. Served with whipped butter, these biscuits could please even the most particular of Southerners.

Wit & Wisdom Brunch

Then, the Greek yogurt parfait, which we both decided is one of the best yogurt parfaits we’ve had. Served in an adorable jar, the yogurt was whipped perfectly, the granola was just sweet enough, and the fruit was exceptionally fresh and cold. The entire thing was a work of art.

We ordered entrees and enjoyed the view as we waited for them to arrive. Suddenly our server surprised us with a number of boards with a selection of bites to try—compliments of the chef.

The bite-sized nibbles included fried macaroni and cheese on a stick, tuna tartare, crab deviled eggs, salmon croquettes, and the chef’s famous lobster and shrimp corn dogs. Yes, people, lobster corn dogs, with a Dijon mustard dipping sauce.

Wit & Wisdom Brunch

We had a hard time deciding on our entrees, because we both wanted the Eggs Benedict, of course. At Wit & Wisdom, you have the option to lead your benedict with Maryland jumbo lump crab meat and Chesapeake seasons, which was something I could not pass up.

Wit & Wisdom Brunch

I won the Benedict battle (I drove us there and back, after all), so Cori Sue, instead, went for her backup, the Brioche French toast. It was served with spiced maple syrup and caramelized bananas.

Wit & Wisdom Brunch

We were relaxed, full, and happy, and could do nothing but gaze out the window at the Harbor and finish off our coffees, preparing for the drive back to Washington.

Wit & Wisdom Brunch

When it was time, we floated out to the lobby and magically my boyfriend’s car appeared at the valet (we had parked in the garage), like something out of a movie, and off we went.

The Bitches Say: A. No “Balmer” bar here; the Four Seasons Baltimore offers a glorious, upscale day trip or weekend getaway at half the price of Washington.

Wit & Wisdom at the Four Seasons Baltimore
200 International Drive
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 576-5800

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  1. I’m so glad you ladies reviewed this brunch. I’ve been to other Four Seasons brunches, and to Wit and Wisdom for dinner- which was lovely- but I was hesitant about the brunch since the host said it was ‘different’ than what you would normally expect from them. Can’t wait to go now!

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