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Truffle Risotto and Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli.

After a terrible week at work, I was really looking forward to a nice, relaxing meal with the boyfriend. And what better to cook than truffle risotto. I had been dreaming about truffle risotto since I saw it featured on Deux Maisons, an adorable blog on decorating, cooking and such by two lovely ladies in Texas.

I am somewhat of a neophyte when it comes to cooking, and had never made risotto from  scratch.  (Based on my love for cupcakes, it probably does not suprise you that I love to bake).  Because I am a vegetarian (pescetarian to be specific), I substituted vegetable stock for chicken stock, which put me at a disadvantage right away because it is darker and not as pretty. Also, I do not excel at chopping– julienned? minced?  I’m just trying to chop all the herbs and spices in less than two hours. Then, the risotto took forever and I was constantly terrified the vegetable stock wouldn’t absorb and I would fail at cooking dinner for boyfriend. (Even the wine didn’t help!). Luckily, it may not have turned out beautifully, but it was delicious.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

We paired the truffle risotto with even more parmesan– roasted broccoli, with a recipe I snagged off the Food Network Web site.  The recipe made boring broccoli delicious and uses basic ingredients that I always have on hand in the kitchen– garlic, olive oil, pepper, basil, parmesan and lemon. Basically, pine nuts and broccoli are the only items you’ll need to grab at the grocery store. I will definitely be using this recipe again to get my veggies in in a good way.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

For added sustenance, I whipped up some balsamic chicken for him  and salmon  for me and dinner was hot, delicious and satisfying, if not a little messily done.  Success.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

Dinner was paired with a Pinot Noir by Wine by Joe, a light delicious red with notes of blackberry.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

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