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True Food Kitchen Brunch

We’re getting to that age where I feel like everything I do makes me a yuppie. Case in point, I spent a recent Saturday in a zipcar with my married friends, Salman and Adrienne, on a trip to Target and Ikea. This was, naturally, preceded by brunch. I don’t think the three of us could have been more excited to spend our Saturday in this fashion. Yep, we’re a bunch of yuppies.

We started our day in Mosaic District, the Edens development out in the middle of nowhere, Virginia, that seeks to replicate several Washington successes, targeting those who hope to buy condos at slightly more affordable prices. The mixed use development has a Target, a movie theatre and a slew of popular Washington restaurants: Dolcezza, Sweetgreen, Cava, Ted’s Bulletin, Taylor Gourmet, Matchbox, Red Apron Butcher, and, soon, DGS.

There’s also great shopping: Anthropologie, Paper Source, South Moon Under, Lulu, Neiman Marcus Last Call. There are two outposts you won’t be able to find elsewhere: Anthom, a chic, modern clothing boutique, and the Sophie Blake + Erika Schrieber pop-up. The pop-up is at Mosaic for six months, and features the wares from the namesake designers. Sophie Blake jewelry is edgy, high-end, modern pieces made in New York by the petite brunette. We’re a huge fan of the designer—and are selling our favorite pieces in the Bitch shop. Her aesthetic pairs well with that of Schrieber, who makes modern clothing with clean lines right here in Washington.

We decided to kick off our day in the ‘burbs shopping in Mosaic and dining at True Food Kitchen, which recently opened and invited us in to brunch. True Food Kitchen has a few locations across the United States, but this is the first in the Washington, D.C., metro area. The space is enormous, and was filled with families of all shapes and sizes on this particular Saturday. It’s a woodsy feel: the floors and tables are a light wood and the walls are decorated with birch wallpaper.

True Food Kitchen Brunch 22

True Food Kitchen is an anti-inflammatory restaurant, which means it has all sort of healthy options with a focus on gluten-free and vegan, which means there were plenty of paleo options, too.

We sat down at a table near the front of the bustling, bright restaurant and began with several beverages—smoothies for Adrienne and me, and a cocktail for Salman.

Salman’s cocktail was an Asian Pear Mojito with white rum, Veev Acai, Asian Pear Smash, and fresh mint. For having a lot of ingredients, the cocktail was incredibly smooth yet flavorful.

True Food Kitchen Brunch 6

Adrienne had the Weekend Warrior, with bananas, flax seed, almond butter, low-fat yogurt, and apple juice. She dubbed it the best smoothie ever, adding “Despite being super healthy with protein and fibrous things, it somehow managed to taste better than all of the sugar-laden Jamba Juice smoothies that got us through undergrad at Lenoir (the UNC cafeteria).”

Meanwhile I chose the Hangover Rx, with coconut water, pineapple, vanilla, and orange juice. I had had two too many glasses of wine the night prior and I was gearing up for an afternoon long run. While I drink a ton of water, I find coconut water supports rehydration far better—and I loved this light smoothie.

True Food Kitchen Brunch 9

Thrilled to discover wheat-free options on the menu, we selected the cranberry, walnut, and olive oil muffin, which was gluten-free, vegan, and paleo. This muffin was delicious despite its healthful nature, a fact that would ring true through much of the meal.

The edamame dumplings boasted truffle oil, so the dish was an easy sell. We we’re sure what to expect, but the dumplings arrived in a sort of soul, with daikon radishes. They were filled with pureed edamame and incredibly flavorful. Adrienne had to explain to her husband, “No, Salman, that’s not yummy meat inside, it’s bean!” And he was stunned. They fought for the last one and—like a healthy couple—split it.

True Food Kitchen Brunch 13

We also shared the Albacore tuna tataki, slices of raw, fresh tuna served with avocado, cucumber, radish, and scallion and drizzled with a lime Ponzu sauce. Of course, the tuna played well with the cucumber and avocado—it was a really satisfying dish and a safe order.

True Food Kitchen Brunch 15

For her entree, Adrienne selected the market vegetable scramble, a gluten-free and vegetarian dish with sweet potato hash, onion, mushroom, Parmesan, and three eggs. It didn’t need to be salted, which is an issue with many omelets. The sweet potato hash was “so fall it makes my soul happy,” said Adrienne. It was an objectively large portion, despite being both gluten-free and vegan, they crammed a lot of substance in there.

True Food Kitchen Brunch 26

After asking for clearance to order a lunch dish, Salman selected the street tacos. For the gluten-free dish, you could select from grass-fed steak and striped bass. The tacos came with Cotija cheese, tomatillo salsa, avocado, sour cream, and Anasazi beans. Salman was disappointed with the lack of spice of the dish, stating it lacked flavor and requesting some hot sauce.

True Food Kitchen Brunch 27

For my entree, I went with the two organic eggs, served with turkey sausage, and sweet potato hash. The eggs were great, and the sausage even better. Who knew turkey sausage could be so good? I found the sweet potato hash to be just so-so, needing more flavor and benefiting from syrup. However, that may be because I’m sick of sweet potatoes, but please don’t tell anyone I said that.

True Food Kitchen Brunch 36

Let’s talk about the service. Our waiter was a tall, 20-something guy, who was majoring in literature at a local college. He deserves a major shoutout as he was awesome at his job, with a good sense of humor, and absolutely adorable. When we complained on the delay in Adrienne’s coffee, he quipped “It’s being pressed right now. You can’t rush greatness.” Later, when I pulled out the camera, he stated, “I’m scared of you.” Great service with a side of sarcasm—we wish we could remember your name, dude, we’d invite you to brunch.

We concluded with tea and dessert. The gluten-free, flourless chocolate cake was the obvious choice. It comes served with one of three ice creams, and we selected the dairy free Maple coconut icecream. It was heavenly—and more delicious than most gluten-full dishes. “It will be the dessert to which I compare all other desserts,” said Adrienne.

True Food Kitchen Brunch 42

Energized and satisfied, we made our way to Target and then to Ikea, not returning to Washington until the late evening hours. The car was packed full of furniture, home decor and holiday accessories—I sat in the backseat with bags in my lap like the dutiful child while Salman and Adrienne bickered over directions. It was, all in all, a great day.

The Bitches say: A. A healthy brunch that is still satisfying. A great addition to Mosaic District and a restaurant that’s worth a trip to the suburbs.

True Food Kitchen
2910 District Ave.
Fairfax, Va
(Mosaic District)

True Food Kitchen serves brunch Saturdays and Sundays.

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