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You might recognize the name buzzing around, or you might have read about Heather White, TRILLFIT’s founder and CEO in Boston Magazine. She graced the cover back in March. Regardless, this is a studio you should add to your list of places to try. TRILLFIT is a workout (now boutique fitness studio) created right here in Boston. I am a supporter of small businesses and – more importantly – local businesses. So after doing a bit of research, I was determined to get to a class.


I was excited to learn that after years of renting space and hosting popups, TRILLFIT found a place to call home on Mission Hill. TRILLFIT believes that “fitness should be fun, inclusive, and set to the illest soundtrack.” I can say that they stand by their mission statement! TRILLFIT is known for their cardio dance class, but the first class I attended was a sculpt class on a Friday evening. It was really the perfect way to end a long week. One hour of a Beyoncé mix playing while I crunched, pulsed and burned out my entire body. The best way I can describe the class is a mixture of yoga and pilates set to amazing music. 


Heather – the CEO and founder – taught the class, and her soothing voice was both calming and motivating while she demonstrated 75% of the class and walked around checking form during the other 25%. I love classes where the instructor is fully present. It makes me focus a bit more on my movements. Heather seemed to know everyone’s name, and when she called out a question in class the response was speedy. This studio made me feel at ease.


There were no big egos or negative self talk. When I looked around the room to take it all in, I received a smile back from everyone who I made eye contact with. A lot of fitness studios set out to make their space inclusive, but it is rare to feel that the entire class is on the same page. It spoke volumes to me when I started to think about other studios that I have attended and how this one just felt different. Nothing was forced, nothing was exaggerated, the class was for each person to individually focus on themselves and do what felt best for their body.

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TRILLFIT is best known for the dance cardio class where the choreography is intended to sculpt the body at the same time. There are lots of squats, booty pops, standing crunches, and various arm movements to keep blood flowing. The music during dance cardio focuses on hiphop tracks that will have you singing out loud. A couple of weeks after my first class I had the chance to attend an event that TRILLFIT was hosting at The Wing. I had the best time feelin’ myself while getting my heart rate up at the same time.  This class will boost your self esteem, make you sweat, and will have your core feeling the burn without the crunches. 


What makes the class worth it:

-Local small business

-An ill playlist that is mixed exclusively for TRILLFIT


-Shower if you need to rinse off (or wash off).

-Collection of wellness products from Cambridge Naturals that rotate every month.

-Yoga mats available for rental.

-A full service hair salon located next door (Friday night blowout anyone?)


TRILLFIT is your place to level up your self love, recharge your positive thoughts, and get a workout in surrounded by TRILL energy. 

Kayla Mills

Boston Fitness & Food Editor

If she is not filling her week with solo dates to the gym you can bet she is trying out a new boutique fitness class, listening to a podcast or shopping (for food or fashion). Kayla is a 5 time Whole30 veteran and Moscow Mule drinker who will sing almost any Destiny's Child song at karaoke as long as she can be Beyoncé.

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