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While we Bitches are supportive of other bloggers and female entrepreneurs, we don’t brunch with them nearly enough. On a recent trip to New York, I brunched with two lovely, preppy and sweet dolls, Carley of The College Prepster and Brittney Ann of Hosting & Toasting. Carley and I had met when we spoke on a Power Panel hosted by Levo League. Brittney and I have become fast friends in Washington, and I’m lucky to be invited to the fabulous fetes and darling dinner parties she hosts and features on her blog.

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Being the New Yorker, Carley chose the brunch spot, selecting Tipsy Parson in Chelsea and making a reservation far in advance. As a regular, she knew it would be crowded. I can see why Carley loves Tipsy Parson; it’s a charming, cheeky little establishment, with bookshelf wallpaper and traditional sconces lining the walls. The long, narrow restaurant has a beautiful marble-and-dark-wood backlit bar taking up much of the space. The restaurant was filled to the brim with brunchers, and we cozied up into a dark wooden booth with traditional Thonnet chairs. The Tipsy Parson has a vintage, provincial feel. The dark wooden tables are set with mismatched flowered china, old-fashioned silver, filigreed silverware, and farmhouse dishtowels for napkins. It’s the small details like the wallpaper, the light-hearted typeface on the restaurant’s menu, and the clocks and mismatched knick-knacks behind the bar that give the Tipsy Parson its charm.

Photo credit: Tipsy Parson
Photo credit: Tipsy Parson

Our server was a portly, mustachioed man dressed in a vest with a bowler hat. He was cheery and entertaining, and attentive to our needs—with perfect timing. He understood our need for constantly filled coffee mugs, empathized with our struggle to make menu decisions, and enthusiastically shared my disdain for soft-scrambled eggs. He added to the whole brunch experience without being obtrusive.

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Carley and I selected regular drip coffees, which were supplied by Stumptown Coffee. Brittney Ann opted for a latte, musing “I always get the pretty coffees that you photograph.” Every gal has her role at a Bitch brunch—plus being required to provide entertaining, thoughtful conversation.

She later added, “The skim capuccino was nothing special but still did the job! (When in New York – lots of bubbles are consumed the night before!)”

I really wanted the bruleed grapefruit, but I chose to order the fruit plate instead for ease of sharing. The mixed fruit was atypical of the expected  fruit bowl, with sliced bananas, watermelon, pineapple, and apples. The fruit was dressed in a mint syrup and accented with mint ribbons and chunks of crystalized ginger. The dish was a welcome change from the norm and despite being dressed in a syrup, the fruit wasn’t mushy.

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Carley ordered her favorite dish, the avocado toast: multigrain bread toasted and slathered with avocado, topped with jam, fried eggs, and cress. It’s a healthy and hearty start to the day, and, along with plenty of coffee she was a happy camper.

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Brittney Ann, who is gluten intolerant, was excited about the gluten-free biscuit and bread offerings. Like Carley, she also chose the avocado toast, but with gluten-free bread. The dish was also served with tomato jam, arugula, and Brittney chose to top it with cheddar cheese and a fried egg. This was a rare opportunity for Miss Brittney to have bread, so she took full advantage.

Brittney said, “I’ve always wanted to try the ‘avocado toast’ craze and this absolutely hit the spot! I was happy as a clam to learn that they offered several gluten-free items on the menu and that I could customize this menu item too.  The tomato jam was delish!”

The create-a-biscuit menu has more than a dozen offerings, you can select sweet or savory, vegan or gluten-free, or try the “don’t miss” biscuit bomb, which is made up of a buttermilk-chive biscuit stuffed with house-made sausage and cheddar. You can dress your biscuit with habanero jelly, hot pepper jelly, bacon jam, tomato jam, lemon curd, green tomato marmalade, or honey butter. Scrambled eggs, avocado, country ham, bacon, or bacon-herb gravy are the options for sustenance on the biscuits.

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I created my biscuit dish with a gluten-free sweet biscuit, avocado, hard-scrambled eggs, bacon, and honey butter. It was presented in a fun, build-your-own fashion. Upon discovering that the gluten-free biscuits were more like rocks, I ate each piece separately. I shouldn’t be so harsh, the biscuits were fine for gluten-free, but I should have gone with a regular biscuit, as you really need lots of white flour, eggs, and butter to make it fluffy and delicious. After a four-day weekend of dining out in New York, I was attempting to bring some health back into the equation. That’s my mistake, not the Tipsy Parson’s.

Not satisfied with the bacon on my plate, I also wanted to try the maple-glazed bacon. The large slices of bacon were crispy and crunchy and very sweet, but not exactly warm and a bit too hard for my liking. It’s a great option for a side on the menu, though.

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The Bitches say: B+. A charming ambiance, a unique menu with delicious options, and fun, friendly service despite the crowded space. Not every dish was perfect, but then again, nothing ever is.

Tipsy Parson
156 9th Ave.
New York, NY
(212) 620-4545

Tipsy Parson serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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