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Tippling Hall Brunch

Winter, spring, summer or fall – the concept of Sunday Funday is embraced across Chicago. Regardless of your reason to party—Bears/Hawks/Cubs/Bulls, a gorgeous 70-degree day, a BFF’s birthday, or my favorite, JBC (Just Because)—on any given Sunday, there are a few spots in Chicago that revel in the Sunday Funday attitude better than others. Tippling Hall is one of them.

When I think of Tippling Hall, I think of its extensive cocktail collection and its late-night hours-open ’til 4 a.m. every day-both attributes that make for a great place to rendezvous for after-hour shenanigans.  Tippling Hall also has a creative dinner menu and is a fabulous spot to grab drinks after work with coworkers or friends.


When Tippling Hall invited us in for brunch, I was excited to see what happens there during the day light hours on a Sunday morning. Is it the hungover version of the revelry? Or just a continuation of the fun?


We arrived just after 11, and the vibe was pretty chill. Masculine wood booths lined the perimeter, while sunlight from various windows poured in. I was told they’d have a DJ that plays each Sunday, and as we were being seated, I noticed him setting up. After a killer week at work, I was ready for a Sunday Funday.


Cocktails were in order, since the only plans I had that afternoon consisted of shopping on Michigan Avenue, so anything productive was merely bonus-point worthy.

You can either order off the menu, or opt for the ‘Good Brunch’ (as Tippling Hall calls it), which consists of one sweet item (doughnut, scone, muffin, etc.), one entrée, and bottomless mimosas, all for just $27. While I love Champagne and Prosecco, mimosas, which are often OJ-heavy, aren’t one of my faves, so we opted for the a-la-carte option.

As I began perusing through the cocktail menu, I could instantly tell that Tippling Hall was serious about adult beverages. There are no fewer than eight different Bloody Mary options. I tried The Bloody Classic, and my girlfriend went for the Blood & Smoke, which was made with Mezcal, instead of vodka.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the size of the glass or the excessive accoutrements in each of the Bloody Marys. The glass itself reminded me of a fishbowl that usually has eight straws and was made for sharing with a bunch of people. This was the slightly smaller version and it was all mine.


Each of the Bloody Marys came with a few strips of crispy bacon, a handful of crackers, olives, cheese cubes, celery, and a giant pickle. This is the Michael Jordan of Bloody Marys. Did they taste as good as they looked, you might ask? They sure did. The mix had a smoky kick without being too overwhelming.

While trying not fill up on all the savory snacks from the Bloody Mary, we moved on to a few sweets. We ordered the cranberry orange scone and the cinnamon sugar doughnut. Both were good, but not exactly memorable. The scone was a little dry, and the doughnut didn’t exactly seem like it came straight from the oven.


That morning I happened to be dining with a self-proclaimed breakfast sandwich aficionado, so in true brunch fashion, she ordered the fried egg sandwich. The eggs, cheddar, bacon, avocado, and tomatoes were all served on toasted, yet overly-buttered sourdough. The sweet potato fries, which are an overdone foodie trend I happen to love, however, were a big hit. They were fresh and not too sweet. These fries met my three French fry requirements: salty, hot, and crispy.


Seeing as it was almost 1 p.m., my egg craving had passed and I was ready for lunch. I ordered the chicken salad, which came with grilled chicken, crispy wontons, Mandarin oranges, and roasted bell peppers that were all served on a bed of fresh greens. This large salad was vibrant in color and filled with a good combination of salad fixings.


The vibe at Tippling was perfect for Sunday Funday. The DJ’s live music was by no means overpowering and, in fact, made a great addition to a brunch with the girls, or a weekend day date.

The Bitches Say: B. Tippling Hall is a fun place to get your Sunday Funday on, while sipping on delicious cocktails and listening to the live DJ. You can be sure to find me here as I cheer on my Fantasy Football team during Bears season. I mean, those Bloody Marys!

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