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This Weekend: John Lennon’s Artwork in Georgetown

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“In My Life” an exhibition of John Lennon’s artwork is on display at 3307 M. Street this weekend, May 7-9.  I come from a Beatles-loving family, and my parents have three of his paintings at home.  Very excited to stop by Georgetown to check out more art by the late, great Mr. Lennon.

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One thought on “This Weekend: John Lennon’s Artwork in Georgetown”

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  1. May 5, 2010

    The so-called Artwork of John Lennon was posthumously forged after 1986 first in black-and-white and misrepresented as original printmaking such as lithographs, serigraphs, woodcuts and etchings.

    Shortly thereafter Yoko Ono discovered these black-and-white forgeries, even when misrepresented as original works of visual art, wouldn’t sell as quickly or for as much as requested, so she had them colorized.

    Then in 1998, Yoko Ono lost all inhibitions and hired Al Naclerio, among others, to create forgeries in new colorized compositions that are misrepresented as work John Lennon created for his son between 1976 and 1980.

    Remember, in 1998, John Lennon was 18 years dead.

    The dead don’t create artwork.

    To learn more about these contentious issues of authenticity, link to:


    Gary Arseneau
    artist, creator of original lithographs & scholar
    Fernandina Beach, Florida

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