This Weekend: Green Cup Polo

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that, beyond brunch, we bitches hold a few things very dear: lovely dresses, large fancy hats, champagne, cute animals, and summer days.  Put them all together and the bitches are in their element.

Last month, we headed to Gold Cup for a lovely combination of all our favorite things.  This weekend, we’ll be in the VIP tent at Green Cup Polo hoping for another round.

More importantly, the bitches are big fans of the environment. (This bitch totes her reusable shopping bag, eats organic (and often locally grown) produce, cleans with all-natural biodegradable cleaning products, recycles, reuses, and more. And tends to accost her mother, boyfriend, boss, and co-bitches to do so, too.) And, Green Cup Polo benefits the environment!

Flick Credit: DiscoverDuPage

So, if you like ponies, day drinking, sunshine, and the environment, join us! There are still tickets available.

 P.S.—If you do, be sure to check out our Gold Cup Outfit Essentials—which surely apply to polo matches as well.
P.P.S If you need a hat or a dress, head to Propper Topper– this weekend is their 20th Anniversary so they have 20% off everything!

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