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At the Bar: the NoMo SoHo

I was in New York for work and play—as I often am—and I caught wind of a new cocktail menu at NoMo SoHo, a posh hotel in the shopping district of lower Manhattan. NoMo SoHo appeals to me because of its glamorous yet playful décor and stunning atrium, which are perfect for imbibing its playful cocktails. I gathered my best friend, Maureen, and our friend Chris, an ad agency guy who I’ve known from my UNC-Chapel Hill and D.C. days. We were invited in to try the cocktails today—so they were on the house.

And, thus, we’ve launched our favorite Thirsty Thursday cocktail series, which we do weekly in Washington, in New York! Happy reading and imbibing, Bitches!

The Vibe

Even in a sea of beautiful restaurants and luxe hotel interiors, NoMo SoHo stands out as one of the better spots for an evening cocktail. Its prime location and glamorous yet playful interior make it a hot spot for dinner, drinks, or both. The restaurant is housed in a glass atrium, with greenery and gilded, glittering chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The token  JGoldcrown hearts are painted on an accent wall—and the DJ booth is elevated in the corner for those all-day brunches set to solid beats. (Read our brunch review here.) There’s plenty of seating, available in three ways: low, lounge-style seating near the entry for groups, seats at the bar, or one of the many white oak tables in the restaurant.

The Libations

There’s an adventurous menu of unique liqueurs and tempting elixirs—some being so rare that they intimidate even the most experienced of imbibers. For the risk averse, there’s a massive list of wines and beers. As I’m a sucker for a good Instagram, I was most thrilled by the unique glasses, from coupes to coconuts to Day of the Dead–style skulls; NoMo SoHo’s cocktail vessels are the most fun. I had enjoyed the inventive elixirs immensely at brunch, though I eventually switched to my go-to white wine, Sancerre, on both occasions.


The cocktails have playful titles and never-before-seen ingredients, but our lovely server, Kevin, guided us through the menu masterfully. I began with the NoMo Coco, as I love all things tropical and I knew this was served in a coconut, albeit a ceramic one. The coconut beverage was milky, with a hint of lime and bitters. It was crafted with Kaffir lime leaves and oolong tea–infused Yaguara Cachaça and Thai coconut mix, then accented with Kaffir lime leaves andAngosturaa bitters. Think of this as an elevated piña colada on the rocks—slightly sweet but with a unique aftertaste of lime and bitters.


As my blogging duties tasked me with adventure, I took yet another leap with the Milk of Sorrow Nicholas DeSoto, another creamy cocktail. This was served over crushed ice, was a mix of Spanish Amontillado sherry, rum, pine nuts, orgeat, lime, bitters, and Drouin Calvados, which is a French liqueur. This pink, creamy cocktail was served in a coupe glass—and I can best describe it as spunky, creamy, and unique. The flavor profile was complicated—creamy on the front, with a tart finish. I enjoyed it, but I had no idea what I was drinking, to be honest.

We also tried the Unsafe Harbor, a second tropical cocktail made with Jamaican rum, pineapple, passion fruit syrup, lime green chartreuse, absinthe, and bitters. This can best be described as tripping on absinthe on a tropical island—in a good way. Jack Sparrow would be proud.


Chris went with more simple cocktails: the Blue Field, made with Citadelle gin, blueberry lavender cordial, sparkling wine, and lavender bitters. This gin lavender cocktail was light and smooth.

The Cornelia was a Mezcal and tequila cocktail, made with Reposado (i.e., aged) tequila and jalapeño-infused Mezcal, for a little something—plus agave, corn puree, and basil oil. You could really taste the basil and corn through the smokey Mezcal, making for a unique profile of flavors.

While the food at NoMo is enjoyable, the cocktails, service, and ambiance are the real reason to make an appearance. We shared a round of sides: sugar snap peas, French fries, and asparagus. All were normal—nothing special, but we did eat everything.


The fried fish tacos, served in the classic fashion with shredded cabbage, were a great match for the tropical cocktails.

We also shared a smattering of appetizers: the tuna tartare and the Hamachi crudo, however, were exceptional. The cuisine is new American—and these raw fish dishes were top notch.



9 Crosby St.
New York, NY 10013


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