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The Winchester Brunch

The Winchester is back, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. When I heard the restaurant had reopened after its electrical fire, I headed straight there with my brunch partner in crime, my mom. We got there just as it opened at 10 a.m.

As you walk up to the restaurant it looks like a big white brick block, but inside it is an entirely different story. With its many windows, the space is extremely bright, making it perfect for taking pictures from any seat. The decor is light, clean, and modern—it’s a perfectly pleasant ambiance for brunch.

The Winchester Brunch

As soon as we were seated, I quickly ordered a coffee while my mom ordered a Masala Chai and a cold-pressed beet juice. While we caught up on her tango dancing stories, our server took our order and brought our dishes.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict with poached eggs  atop of a waffle with braised bacon, creamed kale, and apple. I appreciate a twist on the ubiquitous Eggs Benny. However, this combination was not my favorite. The waffle was sweet and delicious with a chewy quality, almost like a mochi.

I will be ordering the waffle again—just maybe not with such an odd Benedict combination. The kale was savory and creamy. I ended up deconstructing the Benedict and eating the savory ingredients separate from the sweet ones.

The Winchester Brunch

My mom’s dish was considerably more successful. She ordered the fried black rice with butternut squash, coconut curry, fried egg, and peanuts. There was either lime or another acidic component that cut through the richness of the curry and egg, which added a great flavor combination. My mother devoured the dish—I have never seen my mom eat that quickly.

The Winchester Brunch

Throughout the meal, our server asked us for refills and whether we needed anything just the right amount. She was even patient with us when my mom decided to ask at least five separate questions about the menu.

The Bitches say: B. The service was attentive and waffles unique. Try The Winchester for a twist on standard brunch dishes in a beautiful space.

The Winchester
1001 N. Winchester Ave.
Chicago, IL
(773) 698-8703

The Winchester serves brunch Saturday and Sunday starting at 10 a.m.


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