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The Lust List: Tailour

Sometimes—actually, most times—I feel as though I’m living a double life. I’m a typical, buttoned-up serious professional from nine to five, and then in the evenings and weekends I’m a Bitch—attending cocktail parties, charity galas, dinner dates, and the like.

The ability to find something that will take me from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. is a struggle, and, at a minimum, involves the shedding of cardigans and the addition of five-inch heels and my fuschia lipstick come 6 p.m.

Most stylish young professional lasses share similar frustrations: how to find flattering-yet-work-appropriate clothing that’s stylish-yet-affordable and can take you from day to night.

Moreover, even if you work in consulting, government, or the nonprofit sector, you want to be excited to get dressed on a Monday morning. Because, Monday mornings are bad enough without the boring work apparel.

Chrissie Gorman decided to take matters into her own hands. After spending several years in strategy consulting, she was left with a closet that was split between uber-professional dress pants and button ups or casual clothing that she actually looked and felt great wearing.  While getting her MBA at Harvard, Chrissie started to envision an alternative, where a young professional’s wardrobe could be versatile and flattering.

So she partnered with her friend Lauren Harris to bring the idea to life. Lauren, who has a degree from Parsons and experience at Zac Posen and several contemporary designers, brought the fashion and design skills to match Chrissie’s business prowess.

And thus, through two brilliant blonde bombshells, Tailour was born, with its first collection launching the beginning of this year.


Now, here’s the kicker. Aside from being from being chic work attire, Tailour is catered to your body type—offering nine different dresses shapes and styles designed to fit different women’s body types. It’s a much more flattering alternative to the straight or boxy suiting dresses.

How it works is you head to the website, and fill out some information about your body—small on the bottom, big on the top, vice-a-versa—and then Tailour selects your best pieces. This season, you can choose from black, graphite, or a chic-and-sexy color-blocked charcoal-with-black. You can try the Tailour shop-your-shape approach here.

The gals sent over  two very different dresses for two very differently shaped Bitches—the Franklin + Kinney for Becca, who is tall, leggy and bossomed, and the Montana + Olive for me, who is very small-all-around yet narrow-on-top and a bit thick in the bum-and-thigh section.

Best of all, at a less than $200 price point, Tailour’s dresses are affordable even if you’re on a federal or nonprofit salary. And, the icing on the cake: The luxurious, high-quality frocks are made in the good ole U-S-of-A.


Today, we’re giving away a dress of your shape and choice to one lucky little lady.

To win your Tailour-made frock:

  • Like the brand on Facebook
  • Follow them on Twitter @tailourapparel
  • Follow on Instagram @tailour_founders
  • Leave a comment here telling us how you get your outfits from day to night.

We’ll draw a winner next Friday!

If you can’t wait until then, Tailour is offering an exclusive Bitch discount of 10% with the code “BWB10” until the end of the month.

Happy shopping, you Power Bitches, you.

Cori Sue

Co-Founder, Pro Bruncher

The co-founder of Bitches Who Brunch, Cori Sue loves brand strategy, social media, red wine, and pink lipstick.

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  1. Wow, I am so glad to know about this company! I tend to add a fun necklace and shoes to my outfit, though that isn’t always so easy! These dresses look great!

  2. Adding and removing layers, accessories and make-up is the most convenient way to transition from day to night – working with what I’ve already got!

  3. So glad to hear about this! I usually wear a basic black dress and switch out shoes, bag and necklace to go from day to night. I also add a much bolder lip than my usual go-to office color.

  4. I switch to a bold clutch and some party shoes! If it’s cold, I’ll bring a bright, chic blazer as well. Also, a quick accessory, like a cocktail ring.

  5. My current go-to AM to PM staple is a fitted (but not TOO fitted) black lace column dress in a midi length with a modest neckline. I would recommend it for any body type! During the work day I’ll pair it with a tweed blazer and black leather ankle boots. For happy hour, I’ll shed the blazer and opt for more playful heels, a fun statement necklace, and bold lipstick!

  6. Wonderful company! I’ll wear a pencil skirt in a fun color and bring a pair of great shoes to change into!

  7. Love this concept! I usually add eyeliner and bright lips to transition from day to night!

  8. Since I’ve started wearing flats in my older 🙁 age, I switch it up by changing my jewelry — you can really change your whole outfit with a great pair of earrings and a necklace. I also swap a large work purse for a smaller one, like a wristlet. P.S. I LOVE these dresses; they are FAB.

  9. These dresses look awesome! I normally take the blazer off (having worn a blouse underneath that can transition well), do something fun and down with my hair, and take my makeup to an evening look.

  10. love this new brand. I work in a very corporate conservative environment and liek to think i push the limits 🙂 that said, my go to is a suite dress or a chic dress and cardi/blazer then i’ll shed that for the evening. i also up my makup and spray on some scnet when headed out. fun shoes always take me from day to evening as well.

  11. These are too cute! I make my outfits Happy Hour ready by stashing a pair of THFW (too high for work) heels, red lipstick and some edgy/slightly over the top jewelry in my purse. My favorite is a spiky necklace and leather cuff that look like something designed for Fifty Shades of Gray 🙂

  12. As a professional working in a VERY conservative environment, I’ve found that as long as you look appropriate (not too tight/short/revealing) you can still wear clothes that are trendy, stylish, and bright. The key is to always look clean and put together and have your clothes be well made and tailor/Tailoured!

  13. These dresses are great! I tend to shed a layer (cardigan or blazer) and add heels and brighter lips, and bottom eyeliner!

  14. Love this! I go with the change of shoes and jewelry. Going from ballet flats to heels really changes an outfit and putting on chunky jewelry! I also will ear a cardigan to work and take it off with a trendy top under!

  15. If it all possible, washing my face and re-applying make-up is key to brighten my look for evening. In a pinch, just new lipstick will do! I usually change my hairstyle from pulled-back to loose and tousled too. Just doing that signifies to me “its cocktail time!”

  16. I take my outfit from day to night by adding fun shoes and big statement necklaces!

  17. Wow Cori Sue, thanks for sharing! I want a 100 of these.

    I work in Business Development, so work to play is the story of my life, and at times, there isn’t even a “to” in there, but an equals sign. Work=Play and vice versa.

    Almost every day consists of a breakfast or networking event at 8:30am or earlier. Actually, just the other day– I had a first–Work to Play: I went on a breakfast date with a man, his idea–after realizing all my nights for a week and a half were tied up (again all work-related and a few socializing with friends) and I’d be out of town for two straight weekends.

    Client entertaining overlaps with socializing (you never know who you could meet or where an opportunity is!) Dresses are a go to for this reason–one piece, easy to throw on, and easily dressed up or down. Today I have on leopard Sperry flats with tassels for the office, and gold, glittery, Lilly wedges for apres office. I also like to change jewelry. Another fun add in is RED lipstick for the night.

    I have a tastefully enormous Longchamp that holds the change of shoes, a shawl or cardigan, and always a second, smaller set of make up. (Never try to continually transport one set of makeup, it just causes confusion and heartache when you can’t find your Eye Bright– invest in some basics to keep on you at all times). A brush and something to put your hair up with are also always musts.

    Not going too far in either direction is key for me! Yes, I could wear flats on a date, or wedges to the office, you never know where you might get stuck, so keep it fun but not overly stuffy or sexy.

    My roommate and I coined what we call the “NASCAR pit stop” it’s when you rush home, hit the Uber button, and race an adrenaline filled three minute countdown to change from a work outfit to something cute before diving into the backseat. Though this can be exciting at times, the sudden spikes blood pressure cannot be good for one’s health over the long term. For this reason, cute transitional dressing will literally save your life. Thank you Betches!

  18. I think a chunky, fun necklace can change anything. A shift dress for work can go day to night with a fun, bright necklace and some lipstick!

  19. If I’m going out after work I’ll pack extra jewelry in my purse that morning (dangly earrings, extra bracelets, a statement necklace, etc). If it’s somewhere extra fancy, I might pack a clutch and lock up my purse at the office before I leave for the night. Those easy changes, plus some extra mascara and lipstick, help transition a simple dress from day to night!

  20. Heels are a must as well as shedding that cardigan. Also, re-freshing your makeup always helps!

  21. Ditch the flats for heels. Trade studs for dangly baubles. Add an extra coat of mascara.

  22. Always bring heels for going out, and maybe some flashier jewelry. Extra makeup as well. And you can always bring a clutch in your larger purse and just take the essentials with you.

  23. I’m following Tailour on FB, Twitter, and Instagram!

    Big earrings, sparkly heels, and bright lip gloss does wonders for taking a look from work to evening!

  24. Like the brand on Facebook under MC Chau
    Follow them on Twitter @tailourapparel under @cxc118
    Follow on Instagram @tailour_founders under @cxc118

    I go from day to night with some sparkly heels and a few extra accessories like a silk scarf, cocktail ring, or statement earrings! Thank you!
    mcchaublog at gmail dot com

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