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The Lust List: Summer Swim

My my, how the time has flown. Not long ago, we were cold and frozen, experiencing the winter woes. Then, there was a brief bout of spring. Now it’s summer and we’re expected to be tanned, toned, sexy and sassy—with perfect beach waves despite the District’s unforgiving humidity.

Whatever, girls. It’s humid, it’s hot, and I am far too busy working, brunching and Bitching to be flawless. Plus, I thoroughly enjoy a good beer. That being said, I have and will spend a good bit of time by the pool this summer and, despite the dozen bikinis I already own (Florida girl!) I’m likely to pick up another.

I’m a firm believer in investing in nice, high-end swimwear, as it lasts longer, fits better, and looks nicer. You scoff at the $150+ price tag for a bikini now, but, mark my words, once you’ve invested in nice swimwear you’ll know what I mean.

Four years ago, I spent a few months working at a high-end swimwear boutique to supplement my editorial assistant salary. I learned the ins and outs of effectively fitting ladies, large and small, tall and short, boobs and not, in high-end swimwear. I watched their confidence skyrocket when they found pieces that fit well in all the right places—then drop hundreds without flinching. A good swimsuit is worth the price tag, as it hides the problem areas, hugs the right places, and gives a boost here and there.

While there, I purchased a Trina Turk bikini that was $100 with the employee discount. I wear it regularly and nearly always earn complements from others at the pool. It’s been four summers in the sun—and the colors are still bright, the butt doesn’t sag, and it looks as good as new.

Meanwhile, the Victoria’s Secrets suit I purchased a month ago is already fading and sagging in the butt. Another Victoria’s Secret suit I had went completely see-through in the crotch within a month of weekends at the beach.

So, in case you weren’t paying attention, why do I invest in high-quality swimwear? So innocent bystanders don’t have a visual of my lady parts, that’s why. Oh, and I want my butt to look good—so, sue me.

Lucky for us all, our favorite Georgetown boutique has a swimwear sale starting today—with 20% off swim, cover-ups and flip flops that are high-end, high-quality yet don’t break the bank. Here are our picks, you sassy summer Bitches.

Shoshanna, Triangle Bikini Top in Anchors Away, $75; Shoshanna, Beaded String Bikini Bottoms in Anchors Away, $77.

Photo credit: Shoshanna

Shoshanna, Twisted Bandeau Top in Papaya, $116; Shoshanna, Ruched Brief in Papaya, $68.

Photo credit: Shoshanna

Shoshanna, Ruffle Bikini Top in White Diamond, $79; Shoshanna, String Bikini Bottoms in White Diamond, $84.

Photo credit: Shoshanna

Shoshanna, Triangle Bikini Top in Black, $92; Shoshanna, String Bikini Bottoms in Black, $95.

Photo credit: Shoshanna

Charlie Jade, Sarina Romper in Blue Multi, $159.

Photo credit: Charlie Jade

Shoshanna, Boatneck Dress in Aqua, $198.

Photo credit: Shoshanna

Shoshanna, Lace Insert Tee Cover-up in White, $215.

Photo credit: Shoshanna

Tkees Flip Flops (available in many colors), $48.

Photo credit: Tkees

The trunk show begins today, June 20 and runs until June 24. Stop by for 20% off your swimwear—just be sure to avoid those delicious pastries at Patisserie Poupon around the corner.

Urban Chic Georgetown
1626 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Cori Sue

Co-Founder, Pro Bruncher

The co-founder of Bitches Who Brunch, Cori Sue loves brand strategy, social media, red wine, and pink lipstick.

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