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The Lust List: Silk Screen Prints

Want to hear something embarassing?

In college, I wore scarves as shirts. Oh yes, I’d take a pretty silk printed scarf and tie it around my torso so that it covered everything, but hardly anything on my back, and wear it with jeans and espadrilles to the bar. Like a normal person. This phase reached new heights when I spent the summer in Florence, Italy, where my apartment was in the middle of the market, enabling me to pick u a new pretty printed scarf whenever I saw fit.

Oy vey. The things we did in college. Some people delete photos of themselves taking body shots off Facebook when they enter the working world. For me, it was removing all evidence of the scarves as shirts phase from the Interwebs. When you put it in perspective, I guess I could have made worse choices– maybe.

All the silk screen printed scarf dresses that are en vouge right now are reminiscent of my scarf shirts. So, of course, I love them. That being said, it’s always fun to have a printed shift in your closet, so why not pick one up?

Blair of Atlantic Pacific

Love Moschino Navy and Red Chain Link Print Dress, $391, My Wardrobe.

Photo credit: My Wardrobe

Diane von Furstenberg Achelle Printed Shift Dress, $375, Neiman Marcus.

Photo credit: Neiman Marcus

Diane von Furstenberg Ruri Chain-Print Dress, $345, Neiman Marcus.

Photo credit: Neiman Marcus

Laundry by Shelli Segal Scarf Print Dress, $225, Saks Fifth Avenue.

Photo credit: Saks Fifth Avenue

English Snaffle Dress, $139, Juicy Couture.

Photo: Juicy Couture

Vila Scarf Print Tunic Dress, $36, Asos.

Photo credit: Asos

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