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The Lust List: Shorts for Fall

I know it sounds crazy. But hear me out …

I have been pondering the shorts-with-tights trend for awhile. I wanted to try it out before blogging, lest I lead my fashion flock astray. Consider it a bit of investigative reporting: This weekend, I proudly donned my brand-new Oxfords with tights, a pair of William Rast cuffed jean shorts, a grey J.Crew v-neck sweater, and a pink tweed blazer. I was worried—tweed shorts with tights are one thing, but jorts are far braver.

I trotted off to class (yes, on a Sunday) and brunch in said ensemble. No one gave me funny looks—in fact, I received several compliments. I felt comfortable and far cuter in shorts and tights than if I had been wearing jeans. I met boyfriend at brunch and he (surprise!) informed me that, thanks to Capital Bikeshare, we would be biking to the rest of the day’s festivities, which included the Turkish Festival, farmers markets, and a late lunch.

Friends, I have not ridden a bicycle in years. My lack of coordination and motor skills frighten me. D.C. traffic frightens me. But, I felt comforted by my appropriate bicycle attire. Had I been in skinny jeans, I wouldn’t have been able to mount the bicycle. (They call them skinny jeans for a reason.) Had I been in a skirt, I’d have flashed much of greater Washington throughout the day. But this ensemble was perfect for a fall bike ride.

After a (thankfully) crash-free day, I returned home to quickly freshen up before dinner with friends. I kept the same ensemble, but took my hair down, added lipstick, swapped out my Oxfords for four-inch ankle booties, and was out the door in five minutes.

In sum, mission shorts-with-tights was a success—from class to brunch to bicycle riding and finally, to dinner and drinks. If you’d like to pick-up a pair, I suggest a gray tweed, which will work with your entire fall color palette and can be dressed-up and dressed-down for nearly all occasions.

Juicy Couture Herringbone Riding Shorts, $128, Neiman Marcus or Juicy.

Photo credit: Neiman Marcus

Dewitt Wool-Blend Short, $89.99, Rugby.

Photo credit: Rugby

Wool Tuxedo Short, $88, J.Crew.

Photo credit: J.Crew

BDG Baggy Tweed Short, $54, Urban Outfitters.

Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

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