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The Lust List: Pep in your Step

The Lust List
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As I write this, I’m quite tired. Despite my best efforts, I’m not a morning person, and running and blogging before hitting the nine-to-five has me exhausted and ready for a nap by, oh, 9:15 a.m.

My solution? Delicious, good coffee—served black. An enormous bottle of water. A walk around the building in the spring sunshine. And, bright clothing.

Right now, I’m dressed in bright jewel tones: emerald-green skinny trousers, a navy lace Joie blouse, a fuchsia tweed blazer, and fuschia pumps to match. There’s nothing like a little color to brighten your day.

The Daleigh

The Bitches love brights, and our footwear is no exception. Bright heels are long considered a simple solution for adding style to your wardrobe. Boring black dress? Add bright heels. Jeans and a gray t-shirt? Add bright heels. Like dark chocolate with no sugar added, it’s an easy way to cheat.

Olivia Palermo

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed a preponderance of bright pumps in suede and with a pointed toe. The pointed toe adds a bit of drama, and we’re thrilled that single-sole pumps are back in fashion, as they’re much more lady-like, comfortable, and elongating than platform pumps.

Blair of Atlantic Pacific

Suede brights are acceptable in fall, winter, and spring, so they are perfect for transitional times, like this weird never-ending-winter that’s carried through to April.

The Daleigh

Bright, suede pumps work with all sorts of ensembles: Leather and chambray? Okay. Jeans and a bright blazer? Perfect. Mid-length skirt? Adds something. Whether dressed up or dressed down, add some brightness at the base, hopefully it’ll radiate all the way up.

Here are our picks for a little pep in your step.

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